Elon Musk: Twitter will form a ‘content oversight council’


Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk says the company is forming a council to make fair management decisions.

On Friday, Musk tweeted that the council would be made up of people with “very diverse perspectives” and that “no decisions will be made about publishing critical content or restoring user accounts until the council is formed.”


Musk has always stated that by buying Twitter, he wants to bring back “freedom of speech” to the social media. He further said that it is possible to have personal accounts of controversial people like Donald Trump, reactivate the former President of the United States of America on Twitter; But now it seems that Elon Musk plans to leave the decision on these issues to a content oversight council.

A few hours later, in another tweet, Musk gave a clearer explanation of the current position of the Content Regulatory Council:

To clarify, we have not yet made any changes to Twitter’s content moderation policies and this matter is currently under review.

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At Tweet published by Elon MuskHe did not mention the type of opinion in the council, the number of people and how they are appointed. Musk also did not release specific details about how the company’s previous policies on content monitoring differ from its new measures.

However, Musk has made it clear that he does not agree with how Twitter’s existing monitoring systems work. As soon as Elon Musk took over at Twitter, he fired several executives, including Vijaya Gade, the company’s director of legal and policy.

Gade had publicly criticized Elon Musk’s decisions and views before he became the chairman of Twitter. The sudden dismissal of Gadeh shows that a new era has begun with different decisions on Twitter.

Other social networks have tried a seemingly similar approach; for example, Meta Company It has its own oversight council that oversees the Facebook platform as an independent organization. However, critics raise questions about the extent of the power of the decisions of the social media content monitoring boards.

There is also a network of potential laws that could measure the extent to which tech companies monitor content on platforms such as Twitter without adhering to the slogan of “freedom of expression.”

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