DxOmark: Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max has the best smartphone display in the world


Undoubtedly, a large number of users are now waiting for the release of the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max camera test report by DxOmark website experts. But until now, the results of the display and sound performance tests for this handset have been published.

Apple’s new flagship has appeared completely unrivaled in the display department and has earned the title of the best smartphone display with a maximum score of 149. DxOmark experts praised the ease of use of the handset on the street (thanks to the brightness of 2000 lumens per square meter), the efficient HDR mode and the almost drop-free performance when playing games or playing videos.


However, Apple’s flagship iPhone display has some downsides. For example, if you look at the display of the handset obliquely; Colors look a bit greenish (this is somewhat exacerbated when displaying skin tones, but in any case it’s not a serious problem).

So now Apple has the top position in DxOmark ranking. Now the first to third positions in the DxOmark display rating are occupied by Apple iPhones. In terms of audio performance, everything seems to be good. DxOmark experts note that the iPhone 14 Pro Max is suitable for listening to music, watching movies and gaming. Also, this handset is perfect for filming concerts, showing videos and playing other loud sources.

Distortion when listening to music at maximum volume and strong penetration of background noise when recording in the open air (which causes a decrease in the quality of sound recordings) are among the negative features of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in terms of sound.

Thus, Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max took the ninth place in the audio performance ranking. However, this rating is considered the best score obtained by Apple handsets to date.

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