Due to the lack of acceptance by buyers, Apple reduced the production of its new flagship


According to the initial reports, it seems that the Apple iPhone 14 Plus did not have a good start in the market, and now newer information shows that Apple has stopped the production of the iPhone 14 Plus and is reassessing the demand for this handset.

A new report citing supply chain sources indicates that Apple has contacted at least one of its iPhone assembly partners and ordered an immediate halt to production of the iPhone 14 Plus. Also, the Cupertino giant has contacted 2 component manufacturing companies and requested them to reduce their production by 90%.


The report also notes that Apple has ordered at least one iPhone supplier to increase production of parts for the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Apple has refused to make any official statement in this regard. However, it seems that iPhone customers are not willing to pay $899 for a non-Pro model.

Customers can buy the iPhone 14 Pro by paying only $100 more. Also, if you pay $200 more, you can buy the iPhone 14 Pro Max. Therefore, iPhone 14 Plus is probably not very popular among Apple fans. Despite the ongoing uncertainty regarding the iPhone 14 Plus, current information suggests that Apple is still planning to introduce the iPhone 15 Plus sometime next year.

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