Don’t take pictures of tweets, Twitter is not happy!


Sharing the content of a virtual network or video service in another virtual network or video service is one of the common tasks of users these days. However, some platforms are not satisfied with this type of sharing; For example, YouTube has recently discouraged users from sharing videos on Instagram or TikTok in a new plan. Following the path of YouTube, now Twitter has also started to work.

Taking screenshots of different people’s tweets and sharing them on different services, including Telegram and Instagram and almost all other virtual networks, has become one of the habits of users. Now, when Twitter realizes that a person has taken a screenshot, it will show a pop-up message and ask the user to share the tweet instead of taking a screenshot, if possible.


According to various user reports, it seems that this pop-up is currently displayed on iOS devices, but we will most likely see it displayed on Android devices and other platforms in the near future.

Sharing tweets through the Twitter link is calculated as a point for this service, because a high number means that more users welcome tweets, but this cannot be tracked when taking screenshots of tweets and sharing them on different networks, and the statistics It is not specific. You can see the said message in the image below.


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