Don’t miss today’s solar eclipse + time and how to view the eclipse


Today’s solar eclipse won’t happen again for another 5 years, so don’t miss it.

This partial solar eclipse can be seen in all of Iran, according to the astronomical calendar The next 5 years No solar eclipse will be visible in Iran.


This solar eclipse will take place in the afternoon of Tuesday 3rd of Aban 1401, this event from 1:30 p.m from the western regions such as Orumieh And Ilam It has started and will gradually be visible in other cities and will continue until 16:00.

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The percentage of solar eclipse is different in different regions and varies from 43% in Bandar Abbas to about 60% in Bojnord and Mashhad.

The peak of this solar eclipse 15 hours been and in Tehran 55% The sun is covered.

It should be noted that an eclipse or a solar eclipse cannot be seen with the naked eye Filter for welding No. 14 or special glasses The view of solar eclipse is suggested for this. You can also do it at home by putting two layers on top of each other Black radiology images Or CT Scan Make solar eclipse viewing glasses.

It should be noted that the next solar eclipse that can be seen in the country will be in 5 years Dated August 11, 1406 will be.

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