Do you have ten thousand followers on Instagram? We will give you ten thousand followers on the new platform


Amin Kolahdozan, head of the e-commerce development center, referring to the center’s annual report on e-commerce, said: the official turnover of the country’s e-commerce is one thousand billion tomans.

Of course, Kolahdozan pointed out that this statistic is only related to companies and businesses that have a birth certificate with the Ministry of Industry, Mines and Trade, or have obtained this information or are members of the union. In this way, the turnover statistics in social networks and small online shops are not included in these statistics.


The head of the e-commerce development center, pointing out that e-commerce in the Instagram space About 2.7 percent Of the total e-commerce turnover in the country, he announced that by calculating advertisements, stories, etc., about 3.5% of the country’s e-commerce turnover will be in this space.

He presented some statistics of e-commerce activists in Instagram He said: It is estimated between 300 to 350 thousand person in Instagram Have an e-commerce page that Between 600 and 800 thousand Includes job.

Kolahdozan added: The thing that should be noted about these jobs is that some of them are complementary or second jobs, that is, for example, a person has a shop in the market and by creating a page in Instagram He was working next to his shop and based on this, he was considered employed in both places. The Ministry of Labor should comment on this.

The head of the e-commerce development center emphasized that more than 95% acquisition And Electronic work Unofficial in the country Instagram it happens

Amin Kolahdozan emphasized: Our approach is to provide conditions for companies, collections and businesses that were active on Instagram to enter the official space. professional And Birth certificate holder in order to speed up their business development in addition to receiving maximum facilities and facilities.

Referring to incentive schemes and providing conditions for transferring businesses to new platforms, he said:

For example, if someone succeeds in the Instagram space Attract 10 thousand followers has been, with the introduction of the new platform, the same amount of followers in the form supportive and with Incentive options will be available to that person.

The head of the e-commerce development center advised the government to intervene in the debate Selection And Introduction of business environment platforms but advise and guide people.

Kolahdozan continued: We prefer businesses to one Independent identity reached, have their own website and register their brand and enter the club Professional electronic business become

He reminded: People who are involved in business matters are also very important to them stability in their work, the ability to expand the business from a technical point of view, and the topic of the audience on that particular platform, and they are trying to respond to these concerns by introducing the right platform and creating the necessary fields. to be given.

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