Disney’s move to the world of crypto, NFT and metaverse


However, this is Disney’s first step on the path crypto, NFT And Metaverse It won’t be, but it seems that this entertainment giant will take a bigger step in this direction.

Evidence shows that the company Walt Disney It is probably about to expand its industry into the crypto space as well. This came to light when it was revealed that Disney is looking for an experienced corporate lawyer to work on “emerging technologies” in its new jobs banner.


According to a listing posted on the hiring section of Disney’s website, Disney is looking to hire people for transactions related to NFT, Metaverse, Blockchain and DeFi. There was also a request for people who are consultants of NFT products and are familiar with international and US laws and regulations in this field so that legal problems do not arise for this company. Metaverse consultant, digital currency and other related posts made up the rest of this list.

These evidences show that Walt Disney is slowly finding its place in the crypto space, blockchain and metaverse. During the November 2021 conference, the CEO of this company announced that they are preparing to combine the physical world and the digital world in Metaverse. These events increased various speculations about Disney seeking to build a “virtual world simulator” until Disney itself published a patent about it!

Disney's patent for virtual world simulation

According to the patent or concept that Disney published, it seems that Disney is building a 3D amusement park! This 3D game city, which actually works like a virtual world simulator, can be controlled using your smartphone and can implement 3D effects on real objects around.

When this patent was published, there was no clear plan to move towards this goal; But now, despite the new recruitment list of Disney, it seems that the serious and practical movement of this company towards Metaverse is starting.

At the beginning of this year, the company focused on Augmented Reality (AR), NFT and artificial intelligence. According to the company’s CEO, soon many, including those who cannot physically attend Disney events, will be able to virtually experience something similar to the actual physical experience.

It’s not yet clear when you’ll be able to pick up your phone and run your simulator with real objects around you, but whenever that becomes technologically possible, Disney World is one of the best worlds to simulate and explore.

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