Digital currency ads were banned on Netflix!


Netflix is ​​going to ban digital currency content ads in its new ad-driven service. with us in IT provider be with

According to the financial reports published by major companies in the world, we found that most of the subscription services lost a lot of audience in 2022. For example, Netflix reported that its number of subscribers has decreased by nearly one million, while Disney Plus, Netflix’s main competitor, is in very good condition and its number of users is increasing day by day. Netflix shares have also come a long way from their peak times.


All of this has caused Netflix’s revenue growth to stall, which has forced Netflix to cut some of its expenses this year in order to maintain that growth.

To compensate for these events, Netflix plans to add a new type of subscription to its subscriptions, which will provide the same services to users, but will have a lower price and different advertisements will be placed in it. In essence, Netflix will try to sell its subscription at a lower price to attract a larger audience and make money from advertising on the other hand.

Netflix ads

According to new reports, Netflix will launch its new service this November and is very determined to stay away from ads that contain cryptocurrency content. The reason for this decision is not yet clear. Also, the topics of betting, politics and product sales to children will also be prohibited by Netflix.

Note that the banning of digital currency discussions by large companies is not a new issue. In 2018, Meta company (Instagram, Facebook, etc.) banned digital currency ads, which, of course, lifted this ban at the end of the same year. Google’s owner company also banned digital currency advertising once in 2021 and allowed it again in the same year.

Digital currency advertising is one of the hottest topics of advertising that many companies operate in this sector. It remains to be seen if Netflix’s new service can attract enough non-digital advertising to solve Netflix’s revenue woes, or if Netflix’s name will be added to the list of companies regretting the decision.

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