Different methods of file transfer between phone and computer


Do you need to transfer photos, videos or any file or data from your computer or laptop to your phone or vice versa, this article is for you. In this article, we will examine different methods of file transfer between computer and phone.

Smartphones have advanced so much that they can replace our computers or laptops for daily use. But regardless of the main device you use, you will eventually find the need to transfer your files and data from your phone to your personal computer or vice versa.


In this article, in addition to teaching different methods of data transfer between computer and phone, we also answer some questions about this issue. For example, is it possible to transfer files from iPhone and iPad to laptops or computers? How to transfer files from Macbook to your Android phone?

There are various ways to transfer files between a computer or laptop with a smartphone, but choosing the most suitable method depends entirely on your use. For example, it is a suitable method for transferring high-volume data, which may not be suitable for transferring a photo. Then choose your suitable way from the following methods.

File transfer from Android phone to computer (Windows and Mac) with USB cable

If you want to transfer a lot of files between your computer and your phone, you can refer to this classic method. The oldest and most reliable way to transfer any file from phone to computer or vice versa is using a cable USB Is. You only need one USB cable for your phone. You can also use the USB part of your phone charger cable to connect it to PC.

After connecting your phone to your computer or laptop, the process is very simple:

If your phone is connected properly, it will start charging. After that, a notification with the title “Charging this device via USBYou will receive Click on it and then the option “File Transfer” or an option with a similar name under the section “Use USB for» Activate.

Transfer files from phone to computer

Now the file transfer window will open on the computer. A folder for internal memory and a folder for SD Card (if any) will be displayed. Now you can easily transfer your files with high speed and easily between your phone and computer.

This method is suitable for the following uses:
  • Moving large files; For example, when you want to transfer a movie or a folder full of photos, music or video from your computer to your phone.
  • management and folder in the phone; When the internal memory or SD Card is opened, you can easily folder your phone through the computer.
  • Renaming files and folders; Since in this method, you manage phone folders and files with the computer file manager, you can easily right-click and select “rename» or pressing the key F2Change the name of all types of files or folders in your phone.
Problems of this method:
  • Instability Connection; Connecting with a cable usually carries some risk of disconnection, as the slightest jolt or bump can disrupt the connection of the wire to the system’s USB port. Therefore, usually when users connect their smartphone to the computer to transfer files between them, they cannot do anything else with it and must keep it stationary.

Does this option work for transferring files from Mac to phone?

Transferring files from/to Apple devices has always been a concern for users, even for example between two iPhones! Fortunately, the answer is yes. With this method, you can transfer files between your Mac and Android phone, only need to install Android File Transfer You have that with macOS 10.7 or higher is compatible. Program OpenMTP It will be a suitable alternative.

Methods of transferring files from phone to computer without cables (Android and iOS)

If for any reason you can’t or don’t want to use a USB cable to transfer files between your computer and your mobile phone, in this section we will discuss various wireless transfer methods. Some of these methods will work for both Android and iOS phones.

File transfer between phone and computer

Using Google and Microsoft cloud storage

One of the common ways to transfer files between a phone and a computer is to use cloud storage services. For example, your Google account has 15 GB of cloud space Google Drive has it. It allows you to transfer files between all your devices, be it your computer, laptop, or other Android phone.

For this you need:

  1. application Google Drive Install on any device you want or with your browser to Internet address Google Drive go.
  2. Sign in to its account or simply create one. In addition, if you run out of free 15GB, you can create a new account.
  3. In the Google Drive space, click on the “New +Click ” and then from the options “File upload” Or “Folder upload» Use to upload your file or folder.
  4. Now from any other device with your account, you can enter your Google Drive and download files or folders that you have already uploaded. This is done by clicking on the option three points And then “DownloadIt is done.

For other Google Drive alternatives, you can go to Dropbox And OneDrive Microsoft pointed out. These programs work almost the same as Google Drive and you need to create an account in them. Then you can access the files you upload on any device.

This method is suitable for the following uses:
  • moving small files; For example, if you want to transfer a photo, short video or several PDF or Word files between your devices, using this method will be fast, convenient and practical.
  • If you have high-speed and cheap internet! Be careful that cloud storage spaces upload and download files through the Internet. So, naturally, the speed of transferring files in this method depends on your internet speed.
  • Backing up important files; One of the most important uses of cloud spaces such as Google Drive, OneDrive or Dropbox is backing up your important files and folders so that in case your phone is lost or stolen, your important documents or photos can be saved in your Google account.
  • transfer between remote devices; Now that this method of file transfer does not require connecting the phone to the computer with a cable, you can move your files at any distance, anywhere in the world, between as many devices as you want and at any time!
Problems of this method:
  • Due to the high price and low internet speed, you cannot transfer large files between your phone and computer! The problem of this method is, in a word, “Internet of Iran”! Because with low speed, it will take time to upload and download files. In addition, considering the price of high-speed Internet today, it is not possible to easily upload and download, for example, a 2 GB movie. So, any fault we get from this method actually goes back to the internet.

Using messenger programs such as Telegram and WhatsApp

One of the easiest ways to replace the above method, which is exactly the same, is to use messenger programs such as Telegram or WhatsApp to upload your files by phone and download them by computer or vice versa! You can even do this with email, but naturally, messaging software is more convenient and has fewer restrictions.

Save Telegram messages

The steps of this method are very simple: in Telegram, you can use the section Saved Messages use. Send your file in Saved Messages, then download it to the device you want to receive the file with. For this, you should either use the desktop version of Telegram or its web version.

Working with WhatsApp to transfer data between computer and phone is exactly like Telegram. For WhatsApp, you must use the web version or its desktop application. But in WhatsApp, which does not have Saved Messages, you can group with yourself! Create a group and do not add anyone but yourself to the list of group members. Then a group will be formed in which you are the only member. Now you can send your files there and download and save them with another device.

The proper uses of this method are the same as the previous method!

Naturally, due to the fact that this method works wirelessly and on the Internet, all the advantages and uses of the previous method are repeated in this method. But Telegram is the best option for this, because it provides unlimited memory and users’ files will not be deleted. So you can use it just like cloud services.

So easily transfer your photos, documents and short videos between your devices through messengers, no matter what operating system they have.

The problem of this method is exactly the same as the previous method.

File transfer between phone and computer using Wi-Fi (without using the Internet)
If you frequently transfer files between your phone and your computer or laptop, using a Wi-Fi network is one of the most appropriate ways. You must have heard the names of programs like SHARE it Or Zapya have you heard The method we are talking about now is exactly how such programs work. These programs work well with different platforms and operating systems.

These programs require both devices to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network; It doesn’t matter if it’s home Wi-Fi or the phone’s own hotspot. Install one of these apps on both devices, connect the devices to a Wi-Fi network, and easily transfer photos, videos, music, documents, or other files.

Advantages of this method:
  • The best option for frequent use; This quick and simple method is suitable for both light and bulky transfers. So, if you usually transfer a lot of files between your phone and computer, this method can be very suitable.
  • not using the Internet; It is true that in this method your phone and computer both connect to the same Wi-Fi network, but they use this network to transfer files between themselves; Not for data transfer on the Internet!
Problems with this method:
  • Need to install an app on each device
  • Oscillating speed

With the Your Phone application, you only need to drag

Your phone application to connect the phone to the computer

This application named Link to Windows Known as Google Play, it transfers your phone to your computer! From answering calls to sending and receiving messages, you can do anything from your phone with this program on your PC.

To transfer files between the computer and the phone, after installing the program itself on the Android phone and installing the Windows version (Phone Link) on PC, all you need is a simple drag! Drag and drop files between your phone and computer.

In general, if we want to summarize, the first method is the fastest and most suitable method for moving heavier files. If you just need to transfer a few photos, text files, or a short video between your phone and computer, wireless methods will get you started.

Do you know another way to do this? If you have any questions or problems related to any of these methods or specific operating systems, write to us in the comments section.

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