Despite the US sanctions, Huawei will continue to produce 5G phones


According to the report of the Financial Times, Huawei plans to resume the production of smartphones equipped with 5G connection early next year by bypassing the US sanctions and partially restore its former position in the market. Citing sources familiar with Huawei’s plans, this publication notes that the Chinese company has been blacklisted by the United States and is prohibited from buying American technologies. As a result, this company plans to use modems produced by Chinese companies.

According to experts, these modems have a lower position compared to the similar types used in Huawei’s previous generation smartphones and their main competitor in Apple’s iPhone 14 series phones; But at the same time, these modems have cheaper pricing and are easier to access.


Will Wong; A Singaporean analyst at research institute IDC believes that China’s plan to achieve technological independence will help Huawei become a full-fledged player in the 5G device market. As a result, the success of this company will be closely related to China’s national interests. US sanctions have thwarted Huawei’s plans to compete with Apple in the global smartphone market. Yu Zhengdong; Huawei’s CEO previously admitted that at the dawn of 5G technology, the company is the only manufacturer selling 4G smartphones. He referred to this situation as a cruel joke.

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