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A few hours ago, Snap Express unveiled the first market-oriented report of the supermarket goods industry during a ceremony. Massoud Tabatabai, the CEO of Snap Express, Hamed Ghazanfari, the manager of Market Police, and Mohammad Khalaj, the CEO of Snap, along with other senior managers of Snap Express, were present at this ceremony.

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It should be noted that Snap Express is a subsidiary of Snap Group, which operates in the field of online sales of supermarket goods. This service covers a wide range of chain stores, supermarkets and hypermarkets and delivers citizens’ orders to them in the shortest possible time.


Snap Express was born in December 1400, but before that, it operated as a subsidiary of Snap for 5 years. According to the CEO of Snap Express, in the last two years, due to the spread of Corona, people have turned to buying goods online, in a way that within a few months, the volume of orders for goods in this service has multiplied.

Snap Express is under development

Tabatabai announced at this ceremony that fast delivery, product variety and product discount are the three main values ​​in Snap Express, and to maintain these three values, we decided to make this company independent last year. In 1400, Snap Express service grew more than three times and we reached over 200% growth. Also, the number of Snap Express employees has reached more than 500 people.

In this event, at the same time as presenting the first market-oriented report of the supermarket goods industry, interesting and thought-provoking statistics from Snap Express in 1400 were also narrated. According to this report, last year, more than 80 cities were covered by Snap Express, and more than two thousand supermarkets and chain stores cooperated with Snap Express.

Last year, Snap Express users had access to more than 160,000 products, and the average delivery time was about 30 minutes. It should be noted that many of the presented statistics have improved in the last few months.

In the report of the supermarket market in 1400, it is mentioned that the size of the supermarket goods market in Iran is estimated at 620 thousand billion tomans, but the share of the online supermarket market is estimated at 0.08% of the total market value in Iran.

Snap Express records

Snap Express recorded various records in 1400, which is not bad to have a look at these statistics. Last year, more than 80 million products were delivered to customers by Snap Express, one user alone received more than 23 million Tomans of orders from Snap Express last year.

Fixed customers of Snap Express, who use this service more than 4 times a week, reached more than 66 thousand people, and nearly 6 million goods in the category of chips, puffs, and popcorn reached customers with Snap Express.

It is interesting to know that the fastest delivery time for Snap Express was 6 minutes and 16 seconds, which is the record of the year 1400 of this service, and the record of sending 33,721 items in one hour was also recorded in Snap Express.

The first report of the supermarket goods market

In the continuation of this ceremony, Ghazanfari, the manager of Police Market, presented statistics regarding the total value of the supermarket market in Iran and the world. Ghazanfari said: According to statistics, the total size of the supermarket market in the world is 12,400 billion dollars, and Iran has only 23 billion dollars in this market.

He explained that the market size of supermarket goods in Iran is 270 dollars per person per year, this figure in Turkey with a population similar to Iran is 1424 dollars per person per year.

Ice cream and faludeh are the most products in terms of quantity that people buy in supermarkets. Cakes and cookies, milk, biscuits and wafers, chips, puffs and popcorn and cigarettes are in the next categories. Also, cigarettes are the best-selling product in terms of amount among supermarket products.

He pointed out that users are more inclined to buy chips, puffs and popcorn than other items. Also, biscuits and wafers, nuts, chips and fruit, and cellulose products are among other categories. At the end, Ghazanfari pointed out that in preparing this report, information was collected impartially from small and large supermarkets in different cities.

Snap Express support

The Snap Express support center is one of the most important parts of this service, which is the point of connection between users and sales centers and couriers. In 1400, more than 788,000 calls were answered in the Snap Express support center, which is equivalent to 36,000 hours of conversation.

The average time taken to resolve customer issues by phone is only three minutes, and each customer waits an average of 86 seconds for a response at the Snap Express Support Center. Needless to say, 83% of users are satisfied with Snap Express service.

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