Copy captions of Instagram posts and rails with 6 guaranteed methods


Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world, which is used by many users of this platform in Iran as well. This media has features whose diversity and breadth have made many users of this network unnecessary from other platforms. But Instagram, like its competitors, also has shortcomings, which can be pointed out as the inability to directly copy the captions of the posts in this medium. If you are a user of this social network, you may be attracted by the post caption and you want to save this text for yourself, but the Instagram program does not allow you to copy the caption directly, like downloading a video from Instagram, so you have to use some tricks. In how we will teach it, copy and save your desired caption.

How to copy a caption on Instagram

It may have happened to you that you want to copy the caption of a post on Instagram to share it with others, but due to the impossibility of copying in a direct way, you need some tricks that we are going to show in this article to five of Let’s mention these methods.
Note: At the time of writing this article, the Instagram platform is filtered in Iran, so you must use anti-filter programs to access it.


This time, unlike downloading videos from Pinterest, we are going to use Geofest to copy Instagram captions. In order to be able to copy the caption of a post in a fraction of a second, it is enough to do the following steps on the Gifst Link site.

first stage: Log in to Instagram and copy the post or rail whose caption you want to copy by clicking on the three dots above and selecting Copy Link.

second stage: Go to Giofest site and open the Instagram downloader page on this site. You can also enter the page of copying the caption directly by clicking on the link below.

copy instagram caption

third level: Enter the post or rails link in the specified box and then click Start and wait.

How to copy the caption of Instagram posts

Fourth step: Now it is enough to select the copy option to copy the caption for you.

How to copy the caption of Instagram posts

2- Copying Instagram caption with mobile browser

You can easily copy your desired caption using your mobile browser. In this method, you can use all the browsers available on your mobile and you don’t need a special browser. With this method, you can copy captions on all operating systems, including Android, IOS, and Windows. In the following, we are going to teach you how to copy captions through the Chrome browser on the Android operating system. Please follow the steps below.

first stage: First, enter the Instagram program and open the post whose caption you want to copy, then touch the place indicated in the image to display more options of the desired post.

How to copy the caption of Instagram posts

Now, from the list of available options, touch the Link option to copy the link of the desired post.

How to copy the caption of Instagram posts

second stage: Now open the Google Chrome browser and then put the desired post link in the upper box. Now you can easily copy the caption.

How to copy the caption of Instagram posts

3- Copying the caption of Instagram through the computer

Instagram does not have a Windows version, so to log in to your user account and use its services on your computer, you must enter this media site at INSTAGRAM.COM through a browser. In this way, you can copy the desired caption or comments given to the desired post more easily than on mobile.

How to copy the caption of Instagram posts
We have shown this post as an example. You can easily copy it by selecting the text.

4- Copying the caption of Instagram through the Universal Copy program

The Universal Copy program is a very powerful and practical tool for scanning the image of the mobile screen and the possibility of copying the text in the image. Using this tool, you can easily copy Instagram captions. You can download this tool through the link below.

You can use the following guide to activate and use this tool.

first stage: First, install the app and log in. To activate, you must follow the steps below so that this program is ready for use.

How to copy the caption of Instagram posts

second stage: Now the extension of this program will be activated in the notification section of your mobile and you can scan the desired post page and copy the caption by selecting the NORMAL MODE option through this program.

How to copy the caption of Instagram posts

5- Copying the caption by Instagram side programs

Another way to copy captions on Instagram is to use side versions of the Instagram social network, for example GBinstagram, Caption for Instagram and Instarroyal. These versions provide the same platform of Instagram with more additional features. You can download and install these programs through reliable sites. To use these programs, you must first log in to your Instagram account. Of course, in terms of security and privacy, users may have a lower level than the main Instagram program. For this reason, using other methods to copy captions on Instagram We suggest

6- Copying Instagram captions through OCR services

Another way to copy the caption is to use the OCR tool. The function of these services is to convert the texts in the images into written text. To get the text of the caption, you just need to take a screenshot of the page of the desired post and convert it into written text using OCR technology. There are several sites and programs that provide this technology to their users, as follows. We introduce two of these tools.


The website is one of the oldest and most powerful OCR tools in the world, which allows its users to convert the text of various images into text with the support of more than 40 common languages ​​in the world. You can simply use your images. Upload in this tool, then download the texts in the image in three common formats (word, pdf, text).

How to copy the caption of Instagram posts

Unfortunately, this tool does not support Persian language, but it can be very useful for English texts and other common languages.

IRANOCR site site can be considered as the best Persian language tool in the field of this technology. You can easily convert all the Persian texts in your images into written files. The artificial intelligence function of this site is designed in such a way that Choose the words with the least possible error so that the user does not need to spend a lot of time editing the text.

How to copy the caption of Instagram posts


As we said before, Instagram does not allow its users to directly copy the caption. Sometimes you may want to copy the caption of a post on Instagram, for which you need some tricks. In this article, we discussed how to copy captions on Instagram and presented different methods in simple and clear language so that users can have enough choice to use these methods. We also introduced these solutions in such a way that you can use them through different operating systems. We hope that the contents of this article have met your needs.

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