Conditions for using the 20% share of replacing used cars


Spokesperson of the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade, when announcing The exact date and time of the third period of the car lottery in the integrated systemHe also announced its share and the necessary conditions for replacing the worn out car.

Omid Qalibaf announced in relation to the allocation of the third round of the lottery of the integrated car supply system:

  • Expected to supply approx 60 thousand cars Is
  • 50 percent The capacity of this lottery is youth plan is allocated
  • 20 Capacity to replace plan Worn out foods belongs to

According to Qalibaf, based on clause (f) of Note 7 of Law 1401, only 10% of the capacity of the cars that are in the lottery process should be allocated to the replacement plan for worn out cars; But it has been decided that a total of 20% (10% from the first stage and 10% from the third stage) of the supply capacity of these cars will be allocated to the replacement plan for worn out cars.

As you have noticed, a percentage was not considered in the first stage for the owners of worn-out cars that are eligible for the replacement plan. Spokesperson of the Ministry silence (Industry, Mining and Automobile) announced in this regard: At this stage, people who have used cars can register, receive a code and inquire from the transportation and fuel management headquarters, in order to receive a new car and replace their used car. take action Of course, there are necessary conditions for this.

Plan for replacement of used cars and its requirements

One of the necessary conditions for those who want to be included in the scheme of replacement of used cars is to scrap them within the next two months. According to Qalibaf, applicants for a replacement car must scrap their car within the next two months and by presenting the scrapping certificate, if they win, they will receive their new and replacement car.

Omid Qalibaf continued in this regard: According to Article 10 of the Vehicle Regulation Law, automobile manufacturers are required to provide a scrapping certificate for every 4 cars produced, so that the cars can be numbered.

He announced that due to the increase in car prices and the lack of incentive or punishment mechanisms, there are no suitable conditions for presenting a car scrapping certificate.

According to the announcement of this official, the applicants of the worn out car replacement plan, if they are eligible, should register their request in the period of holding the third phase of car supply in the integrated system, during the days of 16th to 18th of September.

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