Chinese scientists’ plastic-eating robot fish can help pollute the oceans



Ocean pollution is one of the environmental problems of our planet these days. This issue not only threatens the natural life of organisms that live in water, but may also end up with infections that threaten the life of terrestrial organisms. So the danger of ocean pollution for humans is undeniable. A major part of this pollution is the contribution of plastic. On average, 8 million tons of plastic enter the oceans every year! It is estimated that there are now 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic and 24.4 trillion pieces of microplastic in our oceans. Now this plastic-eating robot fish, which is a new invention of Chinese scientists, gives us a little hope.

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What exactly does this robot fish do?

A new friend invented by the Chinese eats microplastics! This very feature may one day help us de-pollute the oceans on a much larger scale. Or at least that’s what a team of Chinese scientists at Sichuan University in southwestern China think.


Fortunately, the dimensions of this fish robot are very small and only 1.3 cm long! Our robotic friends are currently operating in shallow waters. According to the scientists, the goal of this robot is to collect microplastics in deeper waters and besides, to analyze the pollution of the seas and oceans and give us immediate data in this regard.

Wang Yuan, one of the researchers who was involved in the development of this fish robot, says:

We have developed a lightweight miniature robot that has various uses. For example, in biochemical and dangerous operations, such a robot can even be made for different parts of your body to eliminate some diseases!

The black fish robot moves its scales and body when exposed to a light. Using the same method, scientists can control the fish to prevent it from colliding with other fish and even ships. If accidentally eaten by another fish, it can be easily digested without harming the host’s body. Watch the video introducing this invention by Chinese scientists.

Scientists are currently using this robot fish to collect microplastics. But this is just a prototype of this bot and it is used repeatedly. So we can hope that they will reach mass production in the future. It can even be hoped that in the future they will be prepared in larger dimensions or the same size for wide use in the waters of all oceans.

Now the question is, can these miniature robots completely rid our oceans of microplastics? Now that the world’s largest ocean is at risk, is the answer to our planet’s microplastic crisis a one-centimeter miniature robot fish?

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