Chinese companies are looking to compete with Samsung’s cheap phones by changing their strategy



Chinese smartphone manufacturers have not yet succeeded in surrendering to Samsung and ending its dominance over the global smartphone market. Huawei came very close to this brand in competition with Samsung; But the trade bans imposed against this company made it retreat. Also, it seems that Xiaomi has maintained the third position in the global ranking of the best-selling smartphone brands.

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However, the current market conditions are not very satisfactory for Chinese manufacturers and according to reports, these companies are looking to adopt a new strategy next year. This strategy will mainly focus on promoting budget devices rather than flagship phones. In other words, based on recent reports, it seems that Chinese manufacturers are considering returning to the old strategy of developing cheap and powerful handsets. This issue will increase the purchase value of gadgets in today’s competitive market.


According to the report of the IT Home website, citing the Weibo social network, a number of Chinese smartphone manufacturers are planning to resume the production of handsets in the price range of 1000 yuan ($150) next year.

Next year’s budget phones will probably have better build quality

According to reports, Samsung’s competitors plan to launch more smartphones in the next year. It seems that these companies will increase the set of features provided in their gadgets and the quality of their construction in order to achieve the mentioned goal. A recent report notes that Chinese manufacturers will once again start using higher-quality raw materials and components, such as metal frames. Also, these companies will add a fingerprint sensor integrated with the display to their cheaper handsets.

At the same time, Samsung phones continue to define new quality standards every year, and even now the company’s mid-range phones are resistant to water and dust penetration. In such a situation, the competitors must continue their efforts without stopping, otherwise they will be doomed. In general, it seems that Samsung’s competitors intend to turn their attention from the market of premium products to cheap phones. Samsung has achieved considerable success with its Galaxy A series, and now it seems that Chinese manufacturers are considering the idea of ​​following the Korean giant’s example to overtake the company in 2023.

On the other hand, some published reports show that Samsung is planning to make some changes in its mid-range series, and the Galaxy A models in 2023 will probably lack a special depth of field camera.

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