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Buying and selling a car is not without problems for the buyer and the seller. In the last two years, with the continuous increase in car prices, buyers have turned to used cars. But estimating the price of these cars depends on many factors that the buyer alone cannot find out the price. The buyer is always concerned about buying a healthy car, and the seller also wants to sell his car at a so-called “price”. On the other hand, with the constant change and instability of the price, it is difficult to estimate the price of a used car correctly and accurately, and for this reason, fraud is usually seen more often in the car buying and selling market. With the help of artificial intelligence technology, “Site Divar” has provided the online tool “Used Car Price Estimation” to the public for free. Some users who have used this feature of the wall site to buy a car are satisfied with it. According to these users, the database that Divar provides to the applicant for buying a used car, makes him somewhat unnecessary to search in the physical car market.

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Determining the actual price of a car depends on many factors such as the performance of the car, the year of manufacture, the condition of the body and color, market conditions and the amount of transactions. Considering that the applicant to buy a car is not an expert and usually cannot know all the features of the car he is going to buy, it is necessary for the seller to inform the buyer of possible defects; Otherwise, it will be difficult for the buyer to identify the defects. According to some users, considering that the “car price estimate” on the wall is online and based on the information provided by the seller or provided to the buyer, so if this information is incorrect, the price estimate is not close to the real price. Therefore, online calculation and used car price estimation may have errors and cannot be a completely accurate criterion for making a transaction. At the same time, some car market activists believe that although the “car price estimation” tool may have some problems, in any case, considering the chaos of the car market, the “car price estimation” tool provides a clear environment for buying and selling used cars. he does. This space provides the price context to the applicant and the seller, and makes the buyer get a relative awareness of the price of the car he is looking for, and the price offered by the seller is not too far from the real price.


According to one of the car dealers in East Tehran, the “car price estimation” tool of the wall website provides price estimation based on the data of real transactions that are carried out; therefore, we can hope that the price estimation has been done accurately. According to the information provided by Dewar’s car price estimation program, “this tool has different accuracy for different brands and depends on factors such as the number of transactions and market fluctuations. To ensure that the provided estimates are accurate and do not mislead the user, this estimate is provided only for brand models that have sufficient accuracy.

Calculation method

To use the online used car price estimation tool of Dewar, users can refer to the used car price estimation page of the Dewar website and enter the information related to the brand, year of production (model), function, color and body condition. After this stage, the system calculates the price of the car and provides it to the applicant. In this system, the price of the car on the zero day, technical specifications and comparison of the performance of different cars are also available to the users. This tool has eliminated the need for users to visit the market in person. In the physical market, the buyer faces different prices for the same car, which are very different and make it difficult to make a decision to buy. Therefore, it seems that the online car price estimation tool is a service that has tried to reduce the trust and prevention of possible problems in the physical car market for the applicant.

New programs

“Car Price Estimation Tool” tries to provide a fair price to users. This price is obtained according to the price of car transactions in the market. Based on this, according to the deals that have been done in the past days, the price estimation of different car models is displayed as high price, fair price and low price. If the seller sets the price of the car much higher or lower than the custom of buying and selling that car model, if this pricing is for the purpose of pricing, the price of the car in question will be “undisplayable” on the site. This feature is currently provided for some car models, and according to the officials of the program wall site, the most popular car models in the market are covered by this program.

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