Chairman of the Protection Plan Commission: Experience has shown that building a native platform is not the job of the government


Reza Taghipour, the representative of the people of Tehran, the head of the joint commission for the protection of the rights of cyberspace users and the minister of communications in the 10th government, announced that business owners should not limit themselves to one platform and it is better to try to do their work in cyberspace. to develop

Regarding the restrictions imposed on the most popular social network in the country, which hosts several thousands of virtual businesses, Reza Taghipour said: recent decisions to impose restrictions on virtual space and the Internet have been taken by security agencies to establish order and peace in society, but some The issue in this context is the importance that I think should be taken into account in the final decision.


The representative of the people of Tehran stated the first point for imposing restrictions on the virtual space as follows: First of all, no internet business should be closed, of course, we had already emphasized the fact that most of them use the name of a software, but this is not the case. It is not that a business must be only in one software.

Taghipour further stressed that business owners should not limit themselves to a single platform and try to develop their work in different spaces in order to be in communication with more contacts.

We must have independence, there is always a possibility of sanctions

The Chairman of the Joint Security Plan Commission continued: The second problem is that there is always a threat for foreign applications to include a series of sanctions from the West. We have seen in the past when Google removed some Iranian applications, despite the fact that it was a clear violation of users’ rights, we had no legal means to defend ourselves.

Taghipour emphasized that we should be independent and use internal capabilities to ensure the future continuity of businesses.

No business should be closed

In response to a question about the non-availability of internal infrastructure and the impossibility of transferring user data to new platforms, he explained: In my opinion, no business should be closed, the fact that I emphasized this at the very beginning of the conversation means that It should be possible to transfer, and transfer is also possible when there is capacity and ability inside, if this ability is not inside, users will not be welcomed naturally.

The representative of the people of Tehran regarding the government’s support of domestic platforms and the spending of 2500 billion tomans for Rubika emphasized that the said figure is not correct, also all government and sovereign aid to domestic software was 5 billion tomans loans, some of which received it and some did not. .

With these funds, you cannot stand in front of Telegram

Reza Taghipour also pointed out that with these figures and help, it is not possible to stand against Telegram, which has been invested in 250 million dollars in two stages.

Experience has shown that building a native platform is not the work of the government

The chairman of the joint commission of the protection plan noted: Personally, despite the fact that I support these platforms, I do not believe that we should allocate funds for them, and we should note that experience has shown that these types of work are not governmental. However, there is one problem, we have to remove the obstacles in front of them, the reason why they have not started so far was the ambiguities and obstacles that existed in their business model.

He pointed out: This is why every time a discussion is raised in this field, we specifically say that it should be legalized to guarantee these rights for the investor so that when someone invests, he does not have to worry that another person will come tomorrow with a The decision to close this job altogether or risk it.

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