CEO of Nvidia: The life of Moore’s law is over!


Jenson Huang; The CEO of Nvidia has recently responded to the criticism regarding the irrational increase in the price of the company’s products despite the decrease in demand from consumers. The MarketWatch news website has investigated Mr. Huang’s statements in a report.

According to Nvidia’s CEO, Moore’s Law has reached the end of the road. This law was proposed in the past based on the experimental observations of a person named Gordon Moore. According to this law, the number of transistors used on an integrated circuit chip doubles every 24 months. The head of Nvidia has claimed that currently manufacturers will not be able to provide innovation and keep prices at the same level as before.


According to Mr. Huang, today the price of a 12-inch plate is much more expensive compared to the past. To be more precise, this price increase is not insignificant and it seems quite impressive. Nvidia’s CEO believes that Moore’s Law’s ability to deliver a 2x performance boost without increasing costs or providing the same performance at 50% less cost is effectively over. Therefore, the idea of ​​gradually reducing the price of chips with the passage of time is unfortunately no longer valid.

Jenson Huang also points out that computing is not just tied to chips; Rather, part of the problem is also related to the category of software.

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