Central Bank and Ministry of Guidance websites were hacked


a few minutes ago Central Bank website ( and Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance website ( were unavailable. According to previous threats Anonymous group that hacks Iranian government websitesseems to be their new work.

Yesterday, this group had hacked and disabled the website of the government information base ( and the national smart government portal ( and now exactly the same thing has happened to the websites of the Central Bank and the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance. .


Anonymous hacker group announced in this context that they are responsible for making these sites unavailable and they took responsibility for this cyber attack.

On the other hand, the public relations of the central bank denied the hacking of this bank’s website! Public relations of the central bank did not specify the reason why the bank’s website was unavailable, but said that the issue will be raised soon and the technical reasons will be explained.

Mostafa Qamari, General Director of Public Relations of the Central Bank, announced that the Internet portal of the Central Bank is available and was unavailable for a few minutes due to an attack on the channel of the Internet service provider to the Central Bank. He announced on Twitter: “By cutting off external access to the infrastructure network, this disruption has been resolved and the Central Bank website is now available without any problems.”

The point is that according to our investigations, This site is not available yet.

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