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Call of Duty Mobile is one of those games that has been able to keep players entertained for a long time on mobile devices. Follow MAZHD and check out Call of Duty Mobile review.

Activision and a new version of Call of Duty are back again. This time around we’ll be seeing them on mobile platforms. Activision had already come to the platforms with the Call of Duty: Heroes mobile game; but the game had poor performance and was not welcomed by players. So Activision partnered with the big company Tencent Games to build a new game from the Call of Duty collection. The collaboration between the two companies led to the development and release of the Call of Duty Mobile. It has been a while since Call of Duty Mobile has been released for both Android and iOS.

In a short period of time, Call of Duty Mobile has hit the record for the most downloadable mobile game and downloaded over 2 million devices. This game is a first-person action shooter where players experience multiple parts online in multiple ways. In this review of Call of Duty Mobile, we are going to take a detailed look at this game of Android and iPhone; and see if Call of Duty: Mobile has been one of the best Android games of recent times or not? So stay tuned with MAZHD until the end of Call of Duty Mobile review.

The game-play is smooth and enjoyable

The most important part of an online multiplayer game is the different parts of the game and its gameplay that must be highly diversified to keep players entertained. The Call of Duty Mobile ios game has various playable parts that have been able to satisfy the player.

During the review of Call of Duty Mobile we noticed multiplayer sections of Team Deathmatch, Domination, Search & Destroy and Frontline which are among the standards of multiplayer games. These sections can be found on the popular maps of the Call of Duty series, where players compete in two five-player teams, or so-called 5v5 teams. Impact maps from Modern Warfare and Black Ops have been added to the game, including the popular Hijacked and Crash maps.

The game maps are well designed for 10 players and the players experience exciting competition with each other. Players in the Load-outs section can choose their weapons and store them in a package depending on their taste. In the meantime, various events are held weekly in the game where the player will receive awards. Also, the Multiplayer section has full servers and players enter the game with no problems.

Of course, during the game, due to the lack of players, robots were replaced and teams were completed. As the number of players in the game increased, the number of robots in the game decreased and more real players were added. In my opinion, being a robot in the game of Call of Duty Mobile has not disrupted the player experience, as the player’s waiting time for the teams is reduced. Builders, on the other hand, use robots to put players on a level-by-game basis, even making trouble for players.

The player is featured on the popular Call of Duty maps.

The Battle Royale Call of Duty: Mobile section opens at level 7 for players; this is a combination of Pubg Mobile game and Blackout section of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. The player in this game experiences brief modes of Blackout; such as the presence of zombies on the island with a game-play system similar to Pubg Mobile. The camera angle in this section can be set to two third-person or first-person modes that both perform well. Items and game space are well implemented and players can have an acceptable experience.

By comparing this part with Pubg, the Battle Royale part of Call of Duty: Mobile has some deficiencies that seem to be resolved in the future. Weaknesses in the variety of weapons and tight control of the machine are some of the things to mention. Of course there are robots in this section as well and sometimes there are more players; but for the reasons I mentioned above I didn’t feel any disruption to the game. Along with the multiplayer and Battle Royal sections of Call of Duty Mobile, a third section is also being prepared. According to reports, the Zombies section will be coming soon and will make the game more complete than the current version of this game.

Call of Duty: Mobile Control System

Call of Duty: Mobile game control system runs very smoothly. The system has both Simple and Advanced modes; Simple mode has a simple mechanism and when the player hits the target the weapon automatically fires at the enemy. This mode will be useful for newcomers and they can easily become familiar with the game’s shooting system. But Advanced Mode is designed for experienced and professional players who can customize game buttons. This mode is highly versatile, and even left-handed players can customize the game’s control system to their liking.

The weapons and personalization items of this work are also varied and the creators have unlocked different weapons. Items from the developers, as the player receives new weapons or shells for each of his operators with each level upgrade. Of course there are special items for Seizen holders, but players without Seizen can still play with good weapons. Overall, the Call of Duty: Mobile game has been brilliant in gameplay and playable modes, giving players a breathtaking and exciting experience.

The game menus are confusing

Call of Duty: Mobile game graphics are designed and executed in realistic 3D. The environments, weapons, and characters of the game are best implemented. Operator animations have a great variety, but sometimes the operator disappears after being killed.

The environments of the game maps are detailed; the physics of the objects and the lighting of the environment are well executed. While the sounds of explosions and gunshots have been tried to match the actual examples, at times the sound of grenade explosions resembling the sound of a cracker sounds that sounds a little tricky. It should be noted that the music has an epic and energetic mood that evokes the atmosphere of the Call of Duty series on mobile platforms as we noticed during the review.

During the review of Call of Duty Mobile, there were bugs that the creators could fix with technical updates. One of the major drawbacks of Call of Duty: Mobile is the crowded and confusing menus of the game, when we first enter the game for review, the large number of sections and the small menu buttons cause the player to be confused for a while. This problem is especially evident when the player is looking for different stages of the multiplayer game to select them for the game.

Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile, like other games these days, has a backstory that is known as the Premium Pass. This subscription comes in two Premium Pass and Premium Pass Plus models, priced at $10 and $25, respectively. By purchasing Season Pass, you will receive various items and weapons along with special operators such as the popular Ghost character.

Despite the relatively good benefits of these two subscriptions, there was no compulsion to buy them from the makers. Unlike other games these days that are heavily dependent on in-app purchasing system, Call of Duty: Mobile has acceptable free items; that make the player feel free to play in the game. However, with the purchase of a Premium subscription, the speed of player level up will increase.

During the review of Call of Duty: Mobile we found that Call of Duty Mobile is an exciting work that has achieved an acceptable performance during this time. The creators should spend more time on the Battle Royal game and fix its shortcomings. Also, releasing the Zombies section can double the thrill of the Call of Duty mobile experience; and I wish the creators of the game were already in the game. We hope Activision and Tensent have good support for the game of Call of Duty Mobile and fixes the game’s technical issues in future updates that we faced during the review.

Call of Duty Mobile review has been done on Android OS.

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