CAD images of the Apple Watch Pro show the large size of this smartwatch


Tomorrow, Apple will host a big event called Far Out and will unveil several new products during this event. Of course, this event will be centered around the introduction of the iPhone 14 series; But the Cupertino giant, along with the introduction of its new handsets, will probably also unveil new models of iPad, AirPods Pro 2 and Mac Pro (although there are doubts about this).

Meanwhile, there are many reasons to believe that Apple Watch Series 8 will also be introduced during the event on September 7 (16 September). Such an action by Apple will never be a surprise; But the issue is that the American company plans to unveil a higher-end smartwatch; A gadget that will probably be called Apple Watch Pro. Now Mark Gorman; The correspondent of the Bloomberg news agency has shared the first exclusive CAD renderings of the Apple Watch Pro with its audience.


CAD images of Apple Watch Pro

By checking the CAD renderings of the Apple Watch Pro, we can see that this product will be equipped with a large screen. This issue is also in harmony with the previously leaked information. If this hypothesis comes true, the Apple Watch Pro will become the largest smart watch in the history of Apple in terms of screen size. Based on the previously leaked information, it seems that the Apple Watch Pro will be launched in 49 mm size. Also, the CAD images show that the Apple Watch Pro will have very narrow bezels in addition to using a large screen.

The digital crown, microphone and multitasking button are located on the right side of the smartwatch body. However, this does not mean that the Apple Watch Series 8 will use the same design pattern. The speaker hole and another button are located on the left edge of the watch body. However, the function of this additional button is still in an aura of ambiguity.

However, the big screen will be the key selling point for Apple Watch Pro. This panel will be able to display more details regarding the fitness status and health tracking of the users. It is also expected that this gadget will be launched along with new watch faces. A larger screen requires a larger battery; Therefore, Apple Watch Pro will not be an exception to this rule.

Finally, the higher-end model of the Apple Watch will be available to customers with a more expensive price than the Apple Watch Series 8. According to the forecast of 91mobiles website, this wearable gadget will be released in the market with a price of 900-1000 dollars.

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