By updating Samsung phones, you will have access to 138 new emojis


Samsung has finally released the stable version of Android 13, which is based on the One UI 5 update, for its smartphones. One of the new features in this update is support for Unicode 15. With this support, Samsung phones will become the first Android handsets to receive the latest emojis.

At the same time, Samsung phones are among the last series of Android phones that will finally be compatible with the new set of emojis that were released in 2021.


In September, Emojipedia announced that a number of new emojis would be released based on the latest version of the Unicode Standard, called Unicode 15. The Unicode standard is a character encoding and display and processing of text in most languages ​​of the world, which works in harmony with the global set of characters.

About 31 new emojis were introduced in Unicode 15; Including the starfish and shaking face emoji. On the same day of the release of these new emojis, Google announced that it will do the necessary work to support Unicode 15 for Android by December. Of course, Samsung did not proceed according to Google’s plan and has recently brought this support to its users with the One UI 5 update.

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As mentioned, with this update, Samsung smartphones become the first Android phones to support Unicode 15. But in fact, with the One UI 5 update, about 138 new emojis will be added to Samsung phones. If we know 31 of these emojis for Unicode 15, where do the remaining emojis come from?

The answer to this question is Unicode 14. Until One UI 5, Samsung ignored support for the 107 emoji provided in Unicode 14, which was released in 2021. But this update will also support Unicode 14.

Maybe a lot of Samsung phone users had access to these emojis before the One UI 5 update, but the Korean company’s move to support Unicode 14 and Unicode 15, although late, is commendable.

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