By introducing the iPhone 14 series, Apple reduced the prices of some of its previous handsets


Last night, Apple unveiled its iPhone 14 series phones, thus ending the era of mini iPhones. Although the increase in the price of the iPhone costs the customers; But the price hike rumors are only true outside the US. However, this means that the cheapest model of Apple’s new iPhone family will be launched with a base price of $800. As a reminder, it should be noted that the iPhone 13 was also released with a base price of $800; But this figure for iPhone 13 mini was equal to 700 dollars.

If these figures are too expensive for you or you are looking to buy a model with a maximum size of 6.1 inches; In this case, the new news will be a source of joy for you. In fact, older iPhone models are now available at cheaper prices. Of course, it should be noted that according to Apple’s usual routine, only the regular models of iPhone 13 and older devices are available this time, and customers will no longer be able to buy a new iPhone 13 Pro device from Apple.


However, you can also buy the iPhone 13 mini at a cheaper price. The iPhone SE 2022 will be available at a price of $430 as in the past. Also, the production of the iPhone 11 series has been completely stopped. In short, the discounts offered in some markets seem reasonable. For example, we can mention the discount of 100 dollars in the American market. These discounts are not available in other regions or are of lesser value.

For example, there is no discount for EU markets. Also, the price of handsets has increased in the Polish market. The pricing of new iPhone models is much more expensive in Europe, and this has probably caused the price of iPhones to rise in the Polish market.

The following table shows the pricing of the basic version of different iPhone models with the lowest amount of internal memory. In this table, the old and new pricing of the iPhone 12 series has not been accurately compared. In fact, the iPhone 12 series is no longer fully available; Because the production of iPhone 12 mini has stopped and only the iPhone 12 model is available through the website. Now the base model of iPhone 12 equipped with 64 GB internal memory is available with a price of 600 dollars. This figure is $100 cheaper than the previous $700 price tag (after discount).

However, there are some exceptions. The 64GB iPhone 12 model is now available at the same price as the 128GB iPhone 13 mini. This handset is cheaper than the 128 GB version of iPhone 13. But determining the rationality of this cost saving ultimately depends on the customers’ decision.

It should be noted that the above figures are related to the pricing of the models offered by Apple’s official online store. Third-party retailers continue to offer iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max; But determining the pricing of these gadgets is still within their authority.

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