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Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important digital marketing criteria for all websites; Having a good SEO for the website, in addition to increasing the ranking in Google, will increase the incoming traffic and increase the number of customers. There are various strategies and services to improve SEO, one of these services is the use of Content distribution network (CDN) is.

CDN What is?

CDN stands for Content Delivery Network. This network includes a large number of servers connected to each other around the world, which are responsible for distributing and delivering the content of websites. By storing website content on CDN servers, users from all over the world can get their desired content from the nearest server. The physical distance between the user and the server has a direct effect on the content delivery speed; In this way, the shorter this distance is, the faster the desired content will be delivered to the user.


CDN how it works?

Each web page consists of elements and files such as images, videos, html, css, and javascript, which are cached in CDN servers and are brought closer to all users in different regions and thus delivered to them faster. In this way, users no longer need to wait for the content they want to download and can do activities such as watching movies online, downloading software, checking the balance of the bank account online, or performing various transactions with the least delay.

Benefits of using CDN

Using a CDN service, in addition to increasing speed, can also provide other benefits to your website, some of which we will mention below:

  • File and image optimization: CDN can intelligently compress files without changing quality and thus increase their transfer speed.
  • Reliability and stability: A CDN consists of multiple servers located in multiple data centers. Therefore, if a server, a data center, or even an entire region of data centers goes down, service to users does not stop.
  • Security: With strong security algorithms and appropriate distribution of website traffic, CDN can maintain its stability against cyber attacks, including types of DDoS attacks, and neutralize them.
  • Affordable: Using a CDN service saves the company’s investment in IT infrastructure and provides many benefits, including SEO optimization, for websites at the lowest cost.

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CDN How does it help to increase SEO ranking?

According to the Google algorithm update, “page speed” is defined as one of the main SEO ranking criteria. Also, this measure indirectly affects the bounce rate and reducing the time the user stays on the website. A CDN service can significantly increase the loading speed of web pages and show your website at the top of the search engine results index.

In general, a CDN guarantees to increase your website’s SEO ranking by providing the following:

  • Faster website loading time
  • Image optimization
  • File compression
  • Security against cyber attacks
  • Removing duplicate content using cache algorithms

from which CDN Use for your website?

Various cloud service providers around the world – including Iran – provide their CDN service with various features and facilities to customers. The best CDN service should have several features:

  • Be faster than the main server (host).
  • Have enough data centers and pop sites in high traffic areas.
  • It works well in delivering small files (eg 5 KB).
  • Be able to handle a large workload.
  • Reduce the delay caused by geographical distance as much as possible.

Website managers should choose the best CDN service provider according to their business conditions and needs. One of the things to consider when choosing a CDN provider is the geographic location of website users.

Iranian websites, most of whose users are inside Iran, should choose a provider that, in addition to the foreign pop site, also has pop sites in different cities of Iran. One of the best Iranian CDN service providers. Aber Drak is that in addition to providing all the features mentioned above, it also covers the inner parts of Iran well.

Benefits of purchasing the service CDN Aber Drake:

  • Improve SEO ranking by increasing web page loading speed, reducing latency and compressing files and images
  • Prevent DDoS attacks
  • Free SSL certificate activation
  • Website stability when faced with heavy incoming traffic
  • 24 hour support
  • The possibility of using other cloud services with a common panel, such as storage, streaming media, cloud server, etc.

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