Buying a server is a requirement of all small and large businesses


A basic question that has always been and will be in the minds of server buyers is whether the cost is so high to buy a server, especially server hp Is it really needed? Do I need to buy a server as an entrepreneur, someone who has a manufacturing company, someone who has a small trading company, or someone who has a large cosmetics factory and distribution center?

What is a server anyway? How efficient is the server? What does the server do for my business? How much is involved in the progress of my work? Isn’t it better to hire a full-time person instead of buying a server? These are all questions that occupy the mind of a person who wants to buy an HP server.


In this article, as much as we can, we will review the problems we face and the goals we can achieve by purchasing a server. Mahan Iranian Network is one of the server importing companies in Iran to sell servers and provide support services in the country.

What are our goals and our organization’s purchase of a server?

In all the work that is done in a small company of ten or five people, some very important points should be taken care of. It can be said that all the calculations should be done in a very short time and there should be no mistakes in the calculations. So calculations and time are two important components when buying a server.

Regarding the calculations, no matter how strong your human resources are, you cannot say that no mistakes have been made, and we can always make mistakes in any situation. If we consider the amount of work too much, you have no choice but to hire more manpower to solve the problems.

The second component is time. Time to do the work is very important. You may not be able to prepare the documents that need to be prepared in the next hour in a few days, and you may need more time. To avoid these kinds of problems and all the things mentioned above, which may be a tenth of the things and problems you face in small companies, and as the company grows, these problems multiply.

Transferring all the work done in an organization by human power to the server and automating it is a great improvement in your work and organization. You can do many things faster and more correctly without human intervention. For example, attendance system is one of the challenges that companies were struggling with. But with the emergence of attendance and absence programs and the automation of this process, it is no longer such a big problem that organizations cannot solve it. Even at the end of the year, in order to calculate the unused vacations and many other cases, a lot of time had to pass, but with the softwareization of this process and the installation of this software on a strong server, this process can be done in less than an hour.

Big jobs in big organizations are based on this. The existence of manpower is also very costly due to the very high costs of salaries and other work mistakes and time-consuming. But when you have automated all your infrastructure, these problems become much less and less expensive.

Buying a server for small businesses

For example, in buying a server in a small company, we can say that even by buying a second-hand server, you can do your work easily and you can use a server economically.

If we want to give a clear example for HP server applications, we can point to the issues and problems that exist in accounting work. Unfortunately, there are a lot of human errors in this job, but by buying a server and installing it, you can have the statistics of all the incoming and outgoing invoices and don’t spend money recklessly!

By installing and Buy a server Accounting and warehousing automation All daily activities are recorded on your system and whenever you want, you can prepare a report of everything you need in less than a minute.

Keep in mind that your inventory changes hourly and you can get a real-time inventory report whenever you want. Also, the system will automatically notify you at a certain time when the inventory of a product is less than a certain number.

Or consider a restaurant. You no longer need to calculate all the items that the customer ordered in the machine. Your staff comes to the customer’s table with a tablet, enters the order into the system, and all orders are automatically placed on the central server. You see the orders and if approved, the order will be sent to your kitchen and warehouse unit. When the order is ready, a message is automatically sent to your staff that the order is ready.

All of these are small examples of your collection’s need to purchase a server.

Buying a server from Mahan Iranian network

What features should a good server have? What points should we consider before buying an HP server? Why do we need a server? All these questions should be answered before purchasing the right server.

Keep in mind that a good server should be able to meet your needs for at least 5 years and have the ability to upgrade and expand. When buying a HP server In addition to high speed and performance, you should also pay special attention to server security equipment. It should be noted that if you do not have enough experience in the field of purchasing an HP server, you must consult with an experienced person in this field.

With all these explanations, we suggest to buy an HP server with the best price and a valid guarantee of parts, to the website of Mahan Iranian Network at the address Refer to or by number 02191008413 Call. The sales team of Mahan Iranian network, with high technical knowledge and years of experience in buying and selling HP server equipment, will provide users with the necessary advice and guidance.

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