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Buying goods with digital currency and cryptocurrencies has been launched for the first time in Iran with Arzif Shop online store. The cryptocurrency market has continuously penetrated into different parts of people’s lives and people use them in different sectors and purposes. Many experts in the field of digital currency and blockchain in general, investors and various economists believe that we will see more growth in this sector in the future.

In fact, we can consider digital currencies as the next step in the evolution of the traditional financial system. Today, various organizations, stores and service providers have accepted a number of digital currencies and offer the ability to pay and buy goods. Basically, you can buy your goods with digital currencies.


Also, there are various cities in the world that have made it even easier to use digital currency ATMs by installing them, and it is believed that more cities will do this in the future. So, if these changes are made on a wider scale in the future, consumers will be required to use digital currencies more than before.

In this regard, the online store Arzif Shop As the first platform for buying goods with digital currency, it has stepped into the field in Iran. Arzif Shop has the ability to buy your desired product with your favorite digital currency. In general, using Arzif Shop has advantages that we will discuss below.

Having a personal wallet in Arzif Shop

You can have your own wallet in Arzif Shop by creating an account and store your digital assets in it with high security and use it to easily buy the goods you want.

Buying goods with digital currency

As we said, you can choose the payment method for the item you want, depending on your taste. In this store, there are 10 major cryptocurrencies of the digital currency market, with which you can buy the product you want. This advantage allows you to use your own digital currency.

Digital currency
Buying goods with digital currency

Buy with Riyal payment

One of the great features of Arzif Shop is buying with digital currency. But if you don’t want to make your payment with digital currency, there is also the ability to pay with Rials in this store, so you can easily buy the product you want with this method.

Buy the best hardware wallets

One of the most important issues in the digital currency market is providing a place to protect digital assets with utmost security. Hardware wallets Arguably one of the best places to store digital assets, albeit storing private keys and not the assets themselves! A part of Arzif Shop products includes hardware wallets that you can buy the right hardware wallet based on your needs and the different features that each hardware wallet has and store your digital currencies or non-traditional tokens (NFT). Save in it.

Hardware wallet
Secure your assets with a hardware wallet

High quality and original products

Arzeef Shop products are all sold with high quality. This is very important even in hardware wallets. This means that the goods are original and the quality of the goods you buy from Arzeef Shop is fully guaranteed.

Variety in products

You can find various products in Arzif Shop and more products will be added to this online store in the future. These products, which are offered with crypto plans, include Decorative coins Digital currencies are hardware wallets, key holders, mugs, etc.

Arzif Shop, as one of the first online stores in the world with the ability to buy with digital currency in addition to Riyal payment, tries to do its best for the convenience of users by providing the best services. Moving towards the evolution of technology is an important issue that Arzif Shop has both simplified this task for users and helps this evolution process.

Buying Iranian goods for foreign users

Since our country has been dealing with various sanctions for years, especially in the field of financial exchanges, it is very difficult to procure domestic goods for foreign users, especially Iranians residing in other countries, and transferring money to procure these purchases is considered exhausting and sometimes risky. . Therefore, in Arzif Shop, foreign users are able to buy popular Iranian goods only by paying with crypto currency and receive them by post in the country where they live. This feature allows, in addition to the convenient and safe payment process, the export of domestic goods to foreign countries for normal users and for retail sales.

Shop Arzif!

If you are one of those who are interested in the world of cryptocurrencies and would like to have quality goods delivered to your door through crypto payment, then definitely try buying goods through digital currency at Arzif Shop!

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