Blocking Twitter mentions will be a new feature of this social network


With the increasing advancement of technology and the spread of smartphones around the world, one of the best ways to communicate with others today is to use social networks. Undoubtedly, you have heard the name Twitter and you know that it is currently known as one of the most popular social networks.

It should be said that Twitter, in addition to facilitating communication, can be used for other purposes such as advertising and introducing new brands. Of course, some users check their Twitter account only to be informed about news and events and have no interest in appearing in other people’s mentions. For this group of users, Twitter provides a new feature that leads to the blocking of Twitter mentions. As a result, no user will be able to mention the account of people who use this feature.


On Thursday, Twitter security researcher Jin Manchun Wang released an image of an unreleased Twitter feature that would allow users to choose who can mention their name in tweets and replies. According to the published image of this feature’s menu, users can block all Twitter mentions. In addition, users are able to set the feature so that only people in the list of followers are able to mention.

It should be noted that recently the privacy designer of this social network (Dominic Camozzi) has confirmed the ability to block Twitter mentions in a tweet. He further asked the users to express their opinions about the said feature. Of course, it goes without saying that this tweet has now been deleted; But it can be said with confidence that the mentioned feature, if it is not ready for release now, is going through its development and testing stages.

The ability to block Twitter mentions will be added to this social network soon

It must be said that users’ control of how they communicate with others in social networks is a necessity, and the wider this control is and includes more cases, the more it will benefit users. Over the past years, adding the ability to edit tweets has been one of the biggest requests from Twitter users. After extensive user requests for this feature, the ability to edit tweets is finally available for Blue Twitter users. It is expected that after the release of the feature of blocking Twitter mentions, there will be more possibilities to control the interactions of the users of this social network.

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