Bitcoin mining is the solution to problems such as energy crisis and carbon production!


New research shows that Bitcoin mining can help solve major global problems such as the energy crisis and carbon emissions. with us in IT provider be with

The important thing is that miners are normally mining bitcoins. They produce a lot of heat just in the process of doing their main task, which we can use for different things. In addition to Bitcoin mining, we can have other important benefits with minimal effort and only by properly placing miners in different situations.


The biggest criticism leveled at Bitcoin (which is partly preventing it from becoming mainstream) is that it requires very high energy consumption. Gamers or miners consume more electricity?

Currently, the companies that produce chips for the construction of miners are trying to reduce this energy consumption as much as possible with various optimizations, but these efforts have not been able to make big changes so far. If we can use the heat produced by the miners, then we have combined two important tasks, but the electricity consumption remains constant. By achieving this, it is possible to partially justify this energy consumption of miners.

The first thing we can do is to generate electricity from the heat produced by the miners! In the table below, the conditions of electricity production from the heat produced in three Bitcoin mining industries, data centers and steel factories have been reviewed. This table by Arcana Research It has been published that shows how the conditions of converting heat to electricity in other industries will be compared to the new Bitcoin way.

Also, due to having a very low reaction cost and the fact that the mining process will occur continuously and around the clock, Bitcoin mining can evolve solar panels and wind turbines, which usually produce unstable and uncontrollable energy. Panels and turbines cannot have constant and stable output at all hours of the day due to their design limitations.

Other uses for Bitcoin miners can also be considered. For example, due to their portability and the fact that miners can be designed in different ways, miners can be installed and used near oil wells and used in complex processes (for example, burning excess gases).

By doing this, for every $1,000 invested in miners, 6.32 tons of CO2 can be reduced per year. The chart below compares the current ways, which are wind and solar, with the new way to mine Bitcoin.

last used What can be done from miners is not as complicated as previous works. Miners can also be used to heat houses in cold seasons. Note that about forty percent of the CO2 produced in the world is due to the heating of houses.

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