Binance exchange takes the lead in investing in Twitter


Binance, the largest digital currency exchange, confirmed that it helped Elon Musk buy Twitter by paying half a million dollars.

Reports indicate that Binance exchange is cooperating more with Twitter headed by Elon Musk. Today, Changpeng Zhao tweeted about this collaboration:


According to company insiders, we invested $500 million in the last 2 days, just as I was being asked about the status of Elon and Twitter.

In fact, Zhang Peng Zhao refers to a question he was asked at a press conference in Saudi Arabia about a financial partnership with Musk. According to the Bloomberg news agency, the CEO of Binance Exchange considered the news of cooperation with Elon Musk to be true.

Zhao also commented on the collaboration in his tweets on Thursday, and some well-known executives in the industry also supported the collaboration; For example, Josh Rager, a crypto asset trader and founder of Blackroots, welcomed Binance’s partnership with Twitter.

Bloomberg news agency publishes a quote from Zhao about Binance’s cooperation with Twitter:

Our goal is to bring together social media and web 3.0 to expand the use and adoption of digital currency and blockchain technology for everyone.

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In May of this year, the Binance exchange announced that Musk has considered the amount of 44 billion dollars to buy Twitter.

On Thursday, Elon Musk officially signed and filed the Twitter purchase agreement and confirmed his presence at Twitter’s corporate headquarters (San Francisco) by releasing a post.

On October 27, Musk said in a letter to advertisers that he was taking over Twitter to “help humanity.” “It is very important for the future of civilization to have a common digital field,” he continued.

Musk believes that currently, social media is in danger of being caught between the extreme right and left parties, and this danger causes division in society.

Meanwhile, according to a Bloomberg report, US President Joe Biden’s administration officials are discussing the possibility of reviewing Musk’s investments from a national security perspective, including the Twitter acquisition deal.

In this report, Gregory Lafitte, head of arbitrage trading at Tradition Securities and Futures, explains:

Some US officials may be concerned about foreign capital supporting Elon Musk’s proposals; Including the support of the Prince of Saudi Arabia, the support of Binance, which is founded and managed by an original Chinese CEO, and the support of Qatar’s sovereign wealth fund.

In September of this year, the CEO of the Binance exchange reiterated that Binance is not a Chinese company.

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