Big changes on Twitter; The feature that Twitter users have been waiting for for years will be added to this platform?


Twitter has unveiled its long-awaited new video and tweet editing features. We will discuss these features in the following.

Twitter announced on its official blog that it will offer a new way to experience TikTok-style videos. No, Twitter isn’t going to offer short TikTok videos in the same way that Instagram did with Reels or YouTube did with Shorts. Instead, only one element will use short-form video, making it easier to find video content on the platform.


Twitter has announced an “immersive content viewer” that will play videos in full-screen view. This feature can be accessed by simply tapping on a video from the tweet. If users want to find more visual content, they can swipe up on any video. Exiting this section will return you to your Twitter feed.

Twitter is also set to feature more videos in the app’s Explore tab. Users will see a new video viewer under Videos For You.

The immersive media display will be available to iOS users in the next few days. Also, the video viewer in the Explore tab is now available in English for Android and iOS users.

The last time Twitter tried to combine video with its text content, it failed. Twitter launched Fleets in November 2020 but removed it about 8 months later. With this announcement, it doesn’t seem like Twitter is trying to change its content strategy and suddenly force its users to post short videos like Instagram. Rather than shifting its focus to video, Twitter will just make it easier to find and engage with them.

The ability to edit tweets has finally been added to Twitter

Also, after years of users’ requests, Twitter is offering an option to edit tweets. The company plans to launch the feature later this month, and shared a test tweet with a “last edited” timestamp. By clicking on the timestamp, the app will take you to the history of that tweet, showing you the original version and all the changes that have been made.

When the tweet editing feature is rolled out to users, it will be exclusive to Blue Twitter, the platform’s $4.99 per month subscription service, and currently only supported in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Twitter Blue users also get other benefits like ad-free articles, UI customization options, and a tweet undo option that lets you delete tweets before they’re sent thanks to a countdown timer.

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