The best apps for scanning photos for Android and iPhone

Do you want to scan documents with your smartphone?


Over time, the development of smartphones and artificial intelligence has reached a point where it is possible to scan the required documents without using a scanner and only with a smartphone. In this way, intermediate applications edit the photos and make them look like a scanned file. This means that instead of a scanner, you can scan the photo with the phone.

Scanner applications do not actually perform specific operations. These apps only optimize the photos taken by the phone to make it look like a scanned piece of paper.

What is the use of the photo scanning application with the phone?

The main use of these applications is to facilitate the process of scanning documents. You no longer need to use your own scanner to scan any document or scan your documents by referring to computer services, with these applications you can easily solve this need to a large extent.


Of course, with a little skill in adjusting the lighting and photography, you will definitely get better results. With this introduction, we will review the top 3 applications in the field of scanning in Itirsan.

tip: The tested features are in the basic and free mode of the applications and we will not examine the features of their paid version.

Adobe Scanner

Adobe Scanner is a scanning software developed by Adobe.

Scan photos with the phone

After logging in to this application, log in to one of your Google, Facebook, Apple or Adobe accounts.

tip: You may need to change your IP for the previous step.

Then with two options you can select the photos in memory or take a new photo. You can also specify the document type to take a new photo for more precise optimization.

After selecting the photo, it is time to process it, the software will automatically make some edits on the photo and deliver an initial photo to you, then you can make your desired edits on it to get the desired photo.

The available options are:

  • Add page: Add another page
  • Reorder: Sort pages
  • Crop: Crop the photo
  • Rotate: Rotate the photo
  • Color: Modify the color of the image
  • Cleanup: Clears part of the photo
  • Resize: Resize the photo
  • Delete: Delete photo

Finally, you can set the document name from the text at the top of the page and save the photo or photos as PDF with the Save PDF option.

Overall, Adobe Scanner is one of the best applications for scanning photos and documents on the phone, which does a very good and accurate job.

  • Google Play downloads: More than 100 million times
  • Google Play users rating: 4.7
  • Initial volume: 62 MB
  • Available operating systems: Android, iOS
  • Minimum Android required: 7.0

Download from Google Play

Download from the App Store


Cam Scanner is one of the most popular software for scanning and making PDF, which is also widely used.

Scan photos with the phone

This application offers many more options for a variety of applications. At first you can still take a new photo or import one or more photos you have already taken into the software. In the shooting section of the bottom bar of the camera frame, you can specify the type of document.

From the options at the top of the screen, from the left, you can adjust the flash when shooting, photo resolution, Auto Capture, vertical or horizontal photo, and several other options. If you import a photo, the software will ask you to specify the exact box in which the scanned sheet is located.

After this step, the photo will be automatically optimized and will achieve the desired quality to a large extent. You can then apply other edits with the available options:

  • Left: Rotate the photo
  • Markup: Add text or use a font to drag
  • To Text: Recognize and separate text (does not work for Persian texts)
  • Correction: Photo perspective correction

In addition, there are a number of default templates on top of the toolbar that you can apply to the photo. And then you can save and share your photos as PDF.

  • Google Play downloads: More than 100 million times
  • Google Play users rating: 4.8
  • Initial volume: 108 MB
  • Available operating systems: Android, iOS
  • Minimum Android required: 5.0

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Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner is another application in this field, which is almost similar to the previous two apps and has some slight differences with them.

Scanner application

After entering Tiny Scanner and giving the necessary permissions to this program, you can click on the option to take a photo or upload a file from the gallery from the bottom of the page and add your photo. The software then asks you to specify the box in which the scanned sheet is located, and you can also specify the size of the scanned sheet at the bottom of the page.

After this step you can specify the color format of the photo, white background with black text or vice versa.

At this point, optimizing the document and recognizing the text and highlighting it, the performance of Tiny Scanner is a bit weaker than the previous two applications, but it is still a boot.

  • Google Play downloads: More than 10 million times
  • Google Play users rating: 4.5
  • Initial volume: 136 MB
  • Available operating systems: Android, iOS
  • Minimum Android required: 5.0

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In this article, we have introduced 3 applications for scanning documents, the best choices are the first and second applications, namely Adobe Scanner and CamScanner, and Tiny Scanner will be the third choice.

If you have a better way to scan photos with your phone, be sure to introduce us in the comments section.


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