Based on the results of a survey; Teenagers want to invest digital currencies in pension funds


At first, it is better to provide a general definition of generation Z and millennia. Generation Z or Z are young people who are between the years 1374 until the 1389 are born

This generation had seen and discovered all the complexities of technology and smart tools with their own eyes from the very beginning; That is why they are known as Net (Internet) generation. The most important feature of this generation is the use of digital and smart tools. In addition, they may be non-committal or irresponsible, inconsistent and risk-taking. But as one begat I must say that these young people are very responsible!


The millennial generation, also known as the Y generation or the Igerg generation, were born in the early sixties to the early eighties. This generation is the first generation from whom their parents get help and education in technology matters.

According to the research conducted by Charles Schwab, the financial director of the United States, it has been determined that nearly Half From Generation of youth they want crypto To pension fund They are added.

About 46 percent Participants said they would like to as part of their retirement planning Digital currencies to invest No wonder, since half of these people are now investing in digital currencies. Also 45 A percentage of millennials also wanted to add crypto to their retirement fund.

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Charles Schwab, who is the chief financial officer of the United States, surveyed 1,100 participants between the ages of 21 and 70 in this plan. The results that were examined are completely with generation X It was different (Generation X are the parents of the Millennials and were born between the 40s and 60s) that Only 31 and 11 percent They want to invest in digital currencies.

Finally, the main obstacle Retirement inflation Was considered. According to other research conducted in the United States, it was found that only 28 percent From the millennial generation 17 percent Generation Z based in the United States were expected to use digital currency as financial support during their retirement.

Charles Schwab does not currently offer any cryptocurrency investments as part of its retirement plans, although the funds Retirement They are working on this plan. It has been said that people can 20 Allocate the bitcoin capital in your account to your savings account.

This project is in a city in Northern Virginia It was approved and it was so that people can deposit part of their pension funds in the financial agriculture account Decentralized (DeFi) put Of course, it should be noted that this plan failed in Quebec! The pension fund in this country lost all its 154.7 million dollars.

Risks like this cause many American senators to disagree on this plan and not agree with it.

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