Azari Jahormi’s explanation about how Starlink satellite internet works


Mohammad Javad Azari Jahormithe former Minister of Communications, in response to the news of satellite internet activation Starlink He gave explanations on his Telegram channel.

After the positive response of the United States Treasury Department to the request Elon Musk and the issuance of the license to send the equipment and hardware needed for satellite internet to Iran, there were many and different reactions and speculations from the people and the officials in this regard.


For additional information about Elon Musk’s project, two articles in order Cancellation of sanctions for sending satellite internet to Iran And Starlink official website filter See.

While the current Minister of Communication and Information Technology, Isasarepour, it is unlikely that users will have access to Starlink satellite internet at a close distance; Mohammad Javad Azari Jahormi, the former Minister of Communications, has provided explanations on how Starlink works on his Telegram channel. A few days ago, Jahormi published news about Elon Musk’s tweet and the start of his actions to launch Starlink satellite internet in Iran on his Telegram channel.

Azari Jahormi's Telegram channel and Elon Musk's Starlink tweet

Last midnight, Mohammad Javad Azari Jahormi on his Telegram channel, about The possible structure of the filter-free network in the world He gave explanations and raised important points. He explained these explanations with the title “Every mobile phone is a Microbit TSpublished in the form of a text post.

Addressing his audience, Jahormi said that if they are internet researchers or informed about developments in the IT field and want to be somewhat aware of what will probably happen in the future, they should study three issues in more detail:

  1. Structure of high-capacity cellular satellite systems, such as Starlink
  2. Structure of networks Adhoc Relying on the conceptual model of blockchain-based random structure networks, such as the Helium project
  3. The structure of messengers P2P Relying on the information exchange structure of the early versions Skype or software structure iMesh

He wrote in this post that the structureUnfiltered internetIt will probably consist of a combination of these three technologies.

Azari Jahormi's description of Starlink satellite internet

At the end of the message, he mentions an important and effective point; The point that determines whether we need to install Starlink antennas to be in this filter-free network or not. According to Azari Jahormi, we don’t need to install these antennas in “everywhere”! He suggests that each person’s phone will become a microbits of a filter-free network. If these possibilities are true, the cost or capacity challenge of satellite internets will disappear, but the main condition How to manage Adhoc networks Is.

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