Artificial intelligence and programming, a bridge to the future


You use many tools such as laptops, PCs, mobile phones and tablets. The tools do different things for you, but how? Whenever you want something from these tools, there are a series of predetermined instructions that are executed in order according to your request behind the scenes, and finally the output will be shown to you. This set of instructions is called code. will be

Your tools must execute a set of instructions to perform even the simplest tasks such as opening and closing an application or performing a simple calculation. These are only machines and they only know 1s and 0s. They do not have the power to think for themselves. We programmers with code. We give them the possibility to think.


In other words, programming is the language with which the computer speaks, just as we humans have different languages ​​to speak, there are also different programming languages ​​for computers.

There are thousands of programming languages ​​such as Python, C++, C#, Java, etc. that can be used to write codes and instructions that the computer must execute.

Advantages of programming:

  1. Considering that the knowledge of programming is necessarily used in all scientific aspects of the world, such as business, medicine, civil engineering, banking, economic management, etc., you can guarantee your future job on a global scale.
  2. Due to the shortage of professional programmers and the large migration of programmers abroad, many companies outsource their projects to programmers from all over the country, and the freelancing market has a market worth several hundred billion tomans in our country.
  3. One of the safe, low-cost and high-income methods for immigrating abroad is job offer migration Teaching programming It is a smart way to migrate.
  4. Many of those who are programmers choose project work and part-time programming for their second job, which sometimes has a much higher income than the first base job.
  5. With one of the following methods, you can hire foreign companies from inside Iran.
  • Powerful LinkedIn profile and introduction of your abilities
  • Many foreign companies, some of which are made up of Iranian employees, are recruiting remote programmers (of course with work experience) from inside Iran in order to reduce their production costs. Experience has shown that the salaries of these companies are ten times higher than domestic companies. A good resume to build your future.
  • Earn money through foreign freelancing sites.

Why Python?

There are dozens of popular and famous programming languages, but why should we choose Python to learn? I strongly believe that anyone who wants to learn programming must start with Python, and everyone who wants to enter the world of coding for the first time. I strongly recommend that people choose Python, even those who are proficient in other programming languages, I recommend that they learn Python, but why?

  1. Python is convenient and easy

Python syntax is very easy to learn and easily memorized. There is not much to remember. For beginners and those who have never programmed before, Python is the best language to learn. Even for children, Python is also the best language for professional programmers. because by spending much less time and energy than other languages, they can create very advanced programs.

  1. Anything can be done with Python

Do not underestimate Python because it is easy. Python is used in all fields, from the design of psychological experiments to web, Windows, desktop software, and artificial intelligence applications can be done with Python.

Python itself is powerful and the libraries that exist for it make Python even more powerful. You can do graphic work, create web applications, create professional games, develop web applications, with Python you can run machine learning algorithms and artificial intelligence. The possibilities and capabilities of Python are endless. By starting to learn Python, you will not only enter the world of programming, but you will be equipped with programming skills with the most desirable and most profitable programming language in the world.

  1. Python start high income

Python language provides numerous career opportunities and promises high growth with great salary prospects. That’s because popular technologies like data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence rely on Python.

As you may have heard, the salaries of software developers are usually great, and Python is no exception. The average annual salary of Python developers at the basic level ranges from $79,888 to $111,605. In Iran, the salary of a new Python programmer in 1401 starts from eight million tomans, and the average goes up to 20 million. Python jobs compared to other Industries are usually very well paid. Also, software development jobs are usually remote these days. So if you want to get paid well for your remote work, learning Python is the place to start

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence refers to technology that makes a robot or computer act and think like a human.

  • Machine learning course (Machine Learning) : The growth of machine learning in the last few years has been phenomenal and is rapidly changing everything around us. Machine learning (ML) is so versatile and powerful that it is one of the most exciting technologies of our time. ML is an application of AI that allows applications to predict outcomes with extreme accuracy. Today, leading companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, Tesla and Netflix and many others are using these technologies effectively. There are many softwares for the fields of machine learning and data, all these softwares have a major flaw or deficiency, these softwares are not capable of processing large volumes of data. Because of this, there is not much acceptance of these softwares in the real business environment. In addition to not having this defect, the Python programming language provides flexibility and many capabilities to data scientists. The simplicity and ease of Python, along with various capabilities, has made it the first choice of data scientists and businesses for machine learning projects.
  • Deep learning: Deep learning is a machine learning technique that teaches computers to do what comes naturally to humans. Automotive researchers use deep learning to automatically recognize objects such as stop signs and traffic lights. In addition, deep learning is used to identify pedestrians, which helps reduce accidents
  1. Web Development : The Django framework is used to build web applications written with Python. Using this framework, you can easily create a very powerful and fast web application and use the numerous capabilities of the Python language, including artificial intelligence, etc. in it.

How to learn Python and machine learning?

Just search for data analysis school on google. On the site of this school, in addition to viewing a variety of high-level and high-quality training, you can enter the training page Python training course and register for this course.

The data analysis school with a 21-year experience in the field of training database programming and website design, after providing you with free advice, based on your conditions, draws your own special road map and teaches you from the most preliminary levels to the highest levels.

Why should we participate in the face-to-face or online course of the data analysis school despite the variety of videos and educational packages for learning Python?

What differentiates us from the educational packages and other schools is that the data analysis school pays special attention to attracting professors with experience and work experience in industrial sectors, and in the training courses of the data analysis school there is communication and two-way interaction between the professors. And there are students, the number of students in each course is limited and the professors take care of the activities and progress of each student effectively. By enrolling in the training courses of the data analysis school, the professors of the school provide you with their many years of experience. During the course, many projects and exercises, which are often taken from the work environment and industry, are defined for the students, and the process of doing the homework of each student is followed by the professors. The communication between professors and students is not limited to class time, and this communication is maintained outside the school and even after the completion of the course.

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