Apple’s sunroof system for Apple Work probably supports variable transparency


It’s no secret that Apple is working on its electric car called “Apple workAnd every once in a while new patents are filed for possible technologies of this car. Now Apple’s latest patent for its electric car, one Sunroof system Indicates that it has unique features.

According to the patent, the glass used in this sunroof has a variable opacity, ie the driver can measure Transparency of glass To adjust. The sunroof also appears to open at the same time as the windows, while most cars with similar technologies use a fixed sunroof.

Part of this patent mentions the possibility of controlling the transparency of glass for light entry:


“Another aspect of this patent is the vehicle, which includes a window and an area with variable transparency inside the window. This area can be controlled with variable transparency so that the desired amount of light enters the cabin. “A set of variable panels can also switch between open and closed modes.”

Light input control to Apple Work with advanced sunroof system

This system allows the Apple Car driver to control the amount of light entering the cabin without opening the sunroof, and of course, to open the sunroof completely when it needs fresh air. Most likely, the driver can adjust the Apple sunroof via poly or even Siri.

Apple sunroof system

The patent shows once again that Apple is serious about building its own electric car, although there is no guarantee that all patents will enter the real world.

Cupertinos to develop and test the system Cars They continue to negotiate with various companies to produce their products, but according to reports, all of them have failed to date. In addition, Apple has lost several key players in recent months.

Despite all this, if everything goes according to plan, Apple will probably work 3 to 4 more years Is coming. Given Apple’s strong brand strength in the market, Apple Kar is expected to become a strong competitor to cars. Tesla As well as German brands active in the industry.


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