Apple’s rugged smartwatch with a revised design is on the way


According to predictions, Apple will introduce its next generation smart watch called Apple Watch Series 8 in the next few months. In addition, the Cupertino giant will unveil a durable and high-end smartwatch named Apple Watch Pro. This model is considered the first resistant smartwatch of the American brand.

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Now Mark Gorman; In his latest adjusted report, the reporter of Bloomberg claimed that the future model of Apple Watch Pro will use the revised design pattern and this smartwatch will not use the square design pattern used in the previous generation Apple Watch models. Mark Gorman announced in the latest issue of the Power On newsletter that the high-end Apple Watch that will be released in late 2022; It is equipped with a larger screen and will not be suitable for all users. So only a limited number of users will feel comfortable using it.


According to rumors, the display of this gadget will be about 7% larger compared to the Apple Watch Series 7. In relation to the redesigned format of the watch, Mark Gorman claims that the Apple Watch Pro will have an appearance neither circular nor square. According to predictions, the smartwatch will come with a design that Mr. Gorman refers to as an evolution of the current rectangular model.

According to reports, in order to increase the endurance and durability of this model, Apple will use a more durable titanium formulation for the body part. The smartwatch is expected to have a longer battery life along with advanced health and fitness features. Thanks to the new low power mode (Low Power Mode), this smartwatch will probably be usable for a few days with a full charge.

Leaked rendering of Apple Watch Series 8

According to predictions, the Apple Watch Series 8, the new rugged Apple Watch Pro, and the Apple iPhone 14 series phones will all be officially announced in late 2022. This means that there are still several months left until the unveiling of the above gadgets; Therefore, in the meantime, we will probably see the release of more details about Apple’s future smartwatches.

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