Apple’s iPhone 15 series will be released with significant changes in design


Considering that Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 14 series a few days ago; So now we have to wait for the release of the iPhone 15 series. Now, 2 famous analysts named Ming Chiko and Mark Gorman have shared interesting information about the iPhone 15 series with their audience. Mr. Ko believes that Apple will revise the design pattern of standard and Pro series iPhone 15 in order to increase its sales in today’s competitive market.

According to reports, Apple intends to increase the difference between the features of the Pro and standard models of the iPhone 15 series. This issue will cause more and more customers to buy more advanced iPhone models from the Pro series. As a result, the sales of iPhone 15 Pro series handsets have increased and this issue will ultimately increase the average selling price for the entire iPhone 15 family.


In addition, Ming Chiko predicts that Apple will create more differentiation among iPhone Pro models; But he did not mention the details of these changes. Mark Gorman predicts that Apple will abandon the “Pro Max” model and instead launch the “Ultra” version of the iPhone.

Using this naming pattern seems logical to a large extent; Because the company recently unveiled the Apple Watch Ultra smart watch. In addition, the Cupertino giant uses the suffixes Max, Pro and Ultra to name the M series chips for its Mac devices.

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