Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro took second place in the DxOmark camera rating


According to DxOmark website experts, Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro failed to become the best camera smartphone in the world. To be more precise, this handset needed only 1 more point to become the best camera phone in the world.

Experts from DxOmark team after expert review of Apple’s new handset camera gave it a score of 146. This figure is only 1 point less than the score of Honor Magic 4 Ultimate. Therefore, Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro ranks second in the DxOmark ranking. For comparison, it is interesting to know that the iPhone 13 Pro Max has a score of 141.


At the same time, with a more detailed comparison of the new Apple handset and Honor’s flagship, we will find that the iPhone 14 Pro is superior to the Honor Magic 4 Ultimate in terms of video recording and surpasses its competitor with a score of 149 against 137. But in the field of photography, the situation is completely opposite and Honor’s flagship overcomes the iPhone 14 Pro with a score of 150 against 143. As a result, in terms of video recording quality, Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro has the first place in the DxOmark rating.

Despite this assessment of the performance of the iPhone 14 Pro camera, it is difficult to talk about the weaknesses of Apple’s new flagship. DxOmark experts note that when shooting the sky, the problem of excessive lighting is sometimes seen. Also, the white color balance is sometimes disturbed and halos will be visible around the objects recorded in the images and videos.

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