Apple’s iPhone 14 camera lens supplier has faced quality problems


Ming Chikou; A well-known analyst of Apple issues announced last week that some supplier companies of Apple’s contract have faced quality problems in the production of panels and RAM modules for iPhone 14. But the effects of this phenomenon on the mass production of engineering should be limited; Because the Cupertino giant has diversified its contract suppliers for the iPhone 14 series. This has been done with the aim of preventing delays in the supply of the iPhone due to the lack of parts.

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However, Mr. Ko now reports that another Apple supplier, Genius, has also encountered quality problems, and this time the problem is related to the iPhone 14’s rear camera lens. According to Ming Chiko, one of the back lenses of the iPhone 14 was produced by the Genius company; He probably faced problems with the quality of the unbreakable coating. As a result, in order to prevent delays in the transfer process of iPhone 14, Apple has entrusted the orders of about 10 million camera lenses to Largan Company; Because the Taiwanese company is able to fill the gap created in the supply chain.


This analyst claims that Genius should be able to solve the lens coating cracking problem within 2 months, otherwise Largan will receive more orders from Apple to produce lenses.

According to predictions, Apple will unveil the new iPhone 14 series phones in September this year. According to the rumors, it is expected that this family will include 4 different models with the names of iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Max, iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Therefore, there will be no news of the mini model this year.

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As long as Apple does not face problems in supplying the parts needed to produce its iPhones and the mass production process is not affected by side problems; In this case, the sale of the iPhone 14 series will begin according to the predetermined schedule.

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