Apple’s iPhone 14 came out of the durability test proudly


Apple has finally started selling its iPhone 14 series phones and a YouTube activist named Zach and JerryRigEverything has conducted his usual tests, including scratches, burns and bending, in order to measure the durability of these handsets. The design of the iPhone 14 is mainly inspired by the iPhone 13, and in the internal specifications section, Apple is satisfied with applying several improvements.

One of the key hardware differences is that Apple has now made it easier to separate the back glass of the phone and this has reduced repair costs significantly. Durability tests begin as usual with a screen scratch test. By running this test at level 6 of the mouse hardness scale, surface scratches are created on the panel, and at level 7, deeper grooves are created on the screen.


As the sharp blade is stretched over the aluminum edges of the device’s body, its true colors appear on the Midnight Black colored phone. The rear cameras of the iPhone 14 have a sapphire crystal lens cover. However, the test results show that the mentioned protective layer is not particularly resistant and it gets scratched at level 6 of the mouse surface scale.

Running the burn-in test for a long time will irreversibly burn several display pixels; A phenomenon that does not seem so surprising. In the last step, the bending test is performed and the iPhone 14 does not show any signs of bending under extreme pressure.

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