Apple’s iPhone 11 Pro prevented the Ukrainian soldier from being shot dead



Apple iPhones are generally known as high-end devices with good build quality. But in the midst of the war between Russia and Ukraine, Apple once again managed to prove the strength of its handsets; Because one of the smartphones of this company has managed to save the life of a Ukrainian soldier.

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While different models of Apple Watch always save the lives of their owners by sending warnings and warning messages; But this time, the iPhone 11 Pro also played the role of a protector and used its strong body to block a dangerous bullet and prevent the death of its owner. This is not the first time that we witness such events; Because last April, an Android smartphone saved the life of another soldier.


Now a video shared on Reddit shows a Ukrainian soldier pulling his iPhone out of a backpack. This video focuses on showing the damaged phone and the bullet damage. Although this may seem somewhat unbelievable; But Apple’s 2019 iPhone has acted as a bulletproof vest. As a reminder, it should be noted that this handset has a Corning Gorilla Glass protective cover and a stainless steel structure. This smartphone is very durable and the truth of this claim has been proven in various drop tests.

The iPhone managed to block the shot and save the life of the Ukrainian soldier

This clip was uploaded by u/ThaIgk. He jokingly announced that soldiers can use Apple iPhones instead of wearing body armor. Therefore, Russian soldiers also have to put Apple iPhones or MacBooks inside their protective vests. Considering the high build quality of MacBooks, it is expected that these laptops can withstand at least 1 or 2 bullets.

However, it is worth noting that smartphones, in addition to protecting the lives of users from being hit by bullets, have completely changed the way humans face military conflicts in the world. In fact, we now know that the devices used by Ukrainian users are able to receive alerts in the event of a bombing operation by Russia. Apple’s Find My iPhone feature has also reportedly come in handy for a large number of Ukrainian users. Following the looting of Ukrainian people’s homes by the Russian military, these people managed to identify the location of their stolen property using the Find My iPhone feature.

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