Apple’s iOS 16 will be able to detect fake AirPods!


In the new iOS 16 operating system, Apple expands the list of identifiable non-original parts to warn users. Apple’s mobile operating system will be able to track AirPods this time. This innovation has appeared in the Release Candidate (RC) version of the iOS 16 operating system.

The code detected in the system files shows that users will get a warning message if they try to connect the fake AirPods to the iPhone. This notification will appear on the screen of the handset. Also, in this message, a button called “Learn More” is also displayed for users. Users will be redirected to a support article on the Apple website by touching this button.


According to the explanations provided in the text, users can get to know the methods of identifying fake AirPods. At the same time, it is not yet clear whether the new system will prevent users from using such headphones or not. It should be noted that this feature does not apply to headphones produced by other companies; Rather, its purpose is only to identify fake models with a similar appearance to the original Apple headphones.

The Cupertino giant recently unveiled the second generation of AirPods Pro while holding the Far Out event. This hearing gadget is equipped with a new audio chip and has the ability to adjust the volume using touch commands, better performance in the field of noise cancellation and several other interesting features.

Users can also assign a word or Memoji to their headphones. This symbol will be stored in memory by the system. As a result, when connecting AirPods to an iPhone or iPad, it will be possible to read the assigned symbol and display a custom case for it (apparently only the case image will appear on the screen). The final version of iOS 16 will be released on September 12.

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