Apple’s iOS 15 jailbreak tool will be released soon



iOS jailbreak tools for Apple iPhones and iPads have been increasingly problematic in recent years. However, the process of intensive research regarding the pros and cons of rooting Apple devices is still ongoing.

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At the time of the release of iOS 13, the jailbreak community was booming. At that time, hackers managed to identify an unfixable vulnerability hole that allowed to permanently jailbreak iPhone and iPad devices equipped with all A series chips up to A11 Bionic. Then, with the release of a new tool in 2021, it became possible to jailbreak newer Apple devices equipped with the iOS 14 operating system, such as the iPhone 12. Now it seems that there is not much time left until the release of the first jailbreak tool compatible with iOS 15. This tool is developed by a famous team of hackers called Odyssey Team.


One of the developers of this team has confirmed on the Reddit forum that the progress in the development of this tool has been very favorable. Therefore, experts hope that this tool will be released soon and within the next few months. This tool is named Cheyote and unfortunately, some limitations in its first version are already revealed: most importantly, we now know for sure that this tool is only compatible with different versions of iOS 15.0 to iOS 15.1.1. The release date of these platforms goes back to November 2021 at the latest.

The first jailbreak tool for iPhones and iPads equipped with iOS 15 is coming

It seems that the development team is trying to extend the iOS jailbreak tool support up to version 15.4.1. But this matter will probably take more time; Because Apple is always making various changes in the iOS ecosystem. Thus, with the release of each new version of this operating system, the jailbreak process will become increasingly difficult.

For the information of the uninformed, it should be noted that jailbreaking is a very dangerous process; Unless the user has sufficient knowledge in this field. This process allows users to remove or somehow bypass certain limitations of the iOS operating system. In this way, users can access the system files and apply their desired functional changes. It will also be possible to use unofficial themes and sideload applications received from different stores (other than the App Store).

At the time of its release, Cheyote will be the first jailbreak tool that can be used for iPhone 13 and iPad mini 6. These devices were equipped with iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 operating systems from the very beginning. Of course, such a scenario is conditional on the fact that the users of the above devices have refused to receive the latest software update for their gadgets. Apple blocks the possibility of downgrading to an older version of its operating systems some time after releasing a new update; As a result, it will not be possible to return to the version supported by Cheyote tool.

According to published information, the iOS 16 operating system will be introduced soon in September. This issue can decrease the popularity of iOS 15 jailbreak tool. However, a significant number of jailbreak enthusiasts will not miss the opportunity to use this tool.

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