Apple will soon unveil the new iPad Pro with the M2 processor


Apple is expected to unveil two new iPad Pro tablets with the M2 processor in the next few days. According to published reports, one of these tablets will be 11 inches and the other will be 12.9 inches. Both devices will have new upgrades and will most likely use new charging technology.

Apple will not hold an event to unveil its new iPad Pros and will unveil these two new devices during a news conference on its website before October 27, when the company publishes its quarterly and annual earnings.


It is said that MagSafe technology has been used in charging this iPad Pro, and it is very likely that we will see the presence of reverse wireless charging so that the device can also charge its user’s iPhone and AirPods. Based on what we heard, we should also wait for iPadOS 16; The update to this operating system is usually released along with iOS, but this time we see a slight delay in doing so.

At the end of the report that deals with the release of the new iPad Pro, there is also talk about the lack of Apple Watch Ultra in the market, and the cause of this shortage is the high demand for the watch strap, not the watch itself. Apparently, Apple’s smart watch bands are very popular and now yellow, blue and orange colors are hard to find in the market.

This issue has caused a slight delay in the release of Watch Ultra, and these watches will be launched in the first week of November. Some other models will be released even later than this date.

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