Apple Watch Ultra came out of the durability test with pride


A YouTube channel called TechRax YouTube recently conducted a durability test on the new Apple Watch Ultra. This test was done with the aim of evaluating the resistance of sapphire crystal protection against injuries.

With the exception of several small scratches on the titanium body, the Apple Watch Ultra was not seriously damaged by the fall from a height of about 1.2 meters. Also, pulling a number of nails on the body of the Apple Watch Ultra did not result in any detectable damage, and the durable Apple smartwatch survived this test stage as well.


In the next step, this gadget was subjected to hammer blows. At this stage, the clock was struck using a hammer. However, before the smartwatch display failed, the table on which this gadget was placed was damaged! In addition, the safety glass itself was not damaged. After the smartwatch finally stopped working; The blogger continued to break and destroy it.

According to the Cupertino giant, the Apple Watch Ultra is the most advanced, durable and flexible smartwatch produced by Apple to date. Apple Watch Ultra sales started last week with a price tag of $800.

Specifications of Apple Watch Ultra

  • 49mm titanium case and flat front panel with protective sapphire cover
  • Always-on retina display with a maximum brightness of 2000 nits
  • Action button with the ability to customize the function
  • 36-hour battery charging in case of normal use and maximum 60-hour battery charging in Low Power Mode
  • 3 new band models named Trail Loop, Alpine Loop and Ocean Band
  • Accurate dual-frequency GPS and LTE connection support
  • Night mode support, compass, professional running features, depth gauge and accident detection
  • Electrocardiogram (ECG), thermometer and blood oxygen measurement
  • Can be used while swimming up to 100 meters deep, IPX6 protection certificate against dust penetration
  • Obtaining WR100, EN13319 and MIL-STD 810 certificates
  • watchOS 9 operating system

The high quality of titanium used to make the Apple Watch Ultra body has created a balance between durability, weight and resistance factors. The brightness of the new Retina display is 2 times higher than all previous Apple Watch displays. Users can access workouts, compass route stations, and more by clicking the orange Action button.

3 built-in microphones on the Apple Watch Ultra help to significantly improve the quality of calls. Also, the ability of adaptive beam shaping reduces background noise and increases the clarity of conversations. In addition, Apple Watch Ultra uses machine learning techniques to reduce wind noise and ensure optimal call quality.

All Apple Watch Ultra models have the ability to connect to a mobile phone and can be used for up to 36 hours with a full charge of the battery. If you use Low Power Mode, the charging time of the smartwatch battery will increase up to 60 hours. In this case, facilities such as GPS and heart rate tracker are still available.

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