Apple wants to change the use of iPad by introducing a charging dock


Apple is working on a new dock that will transform the iPad into a smart display and speaker. It is said that this new feature will be available to users from next year and will turn the iPad into a device similar to the Amazon Echo Show.

Previously, Amazon has done a similar thing with Fire tablets, and the user can use it as a smart screen by placing this device in the charging dock. Even Google introduced a new dock for the Pixel tablet last week that acts as both a charger and a speaker. As soon as the tablet is placed in the dock, it works like the Nest Hub Max and allows the user to control his smart home through the Home application and interact with Google Assistant.


It is very likely that the iPad dock will have the same performance as the mentioned products and will bring features such as making calls through FaceTom and controlling the smart home for its users. In the field of smart home, Apple is working on some other devices as well; Including a new version of HomePod, which is said to come with a new screen, S8 processor and multi-touch capability. Last year, there were news and rumors about Apple’s new device, which is a combination of Apple TV and a smart speaker and has a camera. Some say that this device is still under design and production.

While the date for the release of the said dock has not been determined, Apple will unveil the iPad Pro before the end of this month. Reports suggest that the device measures 11 x 12.9 inches and uses the company’s M2 chip.

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