Apple stops advertising on betting apps


A few days ago, in an article, we discussed Apple’s new advertising policies in the App Store and stated that the company plans to increase its advertising revenue by increasing the advertising space in its application.

In the same article, it was mentioned that users will soon see advertisements in the Today tab and above the You Might Also Like list. Now it has been reported that the new advertising spaces of the App Store, which according to Apple are very good places for advertising, have been bought by several betting services.


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This issue has caused opponents of betting and gambling and also activists in the field of gambling addiction to protest and be able to attract the support of many users. In response to the wave of protests, Apple released a statement announcing that it would stop advertising for such applications.

Of course, it seems that this decision of Apple will not be very stable. In the statement published in this regard, there is no mention of the period of suspension of advertisements for betting services. It is very likely that the company will establish new rules for advertising betting services and continue advertising for these services in the App Store under the new rules.

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