Apple started the production of iPhone 14 in India


Apple started the production of its new iPhone 14 phone by the Foxconn factory located near the city of Chennai, India. This is the first time that Apple starts producing a model of its iPhones in India only a few weeks after introducing its latest generation. According to the forecasts, the first set of iPhone 14 phones produced in India will be launched at the end of this year.

Apple started assembling its iPhones in India earlier in 2017. This process was started with the production of the first generation iPhone SE. From that time until today, we have witnessed the major supply of iPhones produced in India. Before the start of production of iPhone 14 in India, iPhone 13 was considered the last handset produced in this country.


Apple issued a statement announcing: “The iPhone 14 series comes with new and superior technologies and important safety features; But we plan to produce iPhone 14 in India.” By producing new iPhones in India, Apple will save on import duties. Looking ahead, JP Morgan predicts that Apple will manufacture up to 25% of its iPhones in India by 2025.

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