Apple Music song streaming service reached one hundred million!


Apple Music has passed a major milestone and has a significant lead in the number of songs compared to its competitors.

Today, Apple announced that Apple Music, the company’s music streaming service, has officially passed the 100 million song mark. This achievement is far from the original iPod that promised “1000 songs in your pocket”.


Twenty-one years after the invention of iTunes and the first iPod, we’ve gone from 1,000 songs in your pocket to 100,000 songs on Apple Music. By any measure, this is an extraordinary development. In fact, with this platform, the entire history, present and future of music will be in your hands or voice command.

Unlike Spotify, which relies more on algorithmic recommendations, Apple still maintains human oversight on its music platform.
It’s not just a chance to reflect on how far we’ve come, but a moment to get excited about the future. At Apple Music, human curation has always been at the core of everything, such as human curation that drives their recommendation algorithms, according to the platform’s officials. It went on to say: Now more than ever, we know that investing in human care will be key in creating the best connection between artists and audiences.

To show the importance of caring for people, the company is launching Apple Music Today, a new series where a new song is chosen every day and takes us deep into its history, because they believe that each of the 100 million The song in their platform catalog has its own story.

Finally, they said: With such a huge range of songs, we know you need someone to guide you. Gone are the days of cluttering your library: now it’s our job to help you rediscover new favorites and forgotten gems, whether it’s one of our expert radio presenters lighting your way or a playlist. hand-made.

It is interesting to know that the biggest competitor of this service, Spotify, has more than 80 million songs, which puts a significant gap between these two services. Which music streaming service do you think offers a better experience? Share your comments with us and your friends IT provider share it.

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