Apple launched a self-service repair program for its MacBooks


Apple announced yesterday that it has launched a self-service repair program for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air devices. Users can get repair manuals and original Apple parts and tools through the company’s self-service repair shop.

Apple has extended its self-service repair program to the new MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models and allows users to repair their defective devices at home. Apple’s self-service repair program for all MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models that are equipped with Apple’s M1 series chips; is available


According to Apple, users will receive more than 10 different types of repair services for each model. These repairs include the screen, upper case, battery, touchpad and other components. This is not the first time that Apple has unveiled a self-service repair program for its products. Also, the Cupertino giant has launched a self-service repair program for the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series since the beginning of this year. From now on, repair services for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models will be provided in the same way as for iPhones. Before going to the self-service repair shop and ordering the necessary tools and parts, users should first check the repair manual.

Users who want to repair their defective MacBook Pro or MacBook Air for one time; By paying $49, they can get self-service rental kits to carry out repairs. The repair tool kit will be available to users for a period of one week with free shipping. Also, if users wish, they can send defective parts to Apple for recycling.

Apple will start the self-service repair program in other countries from the end of this year. This program will start from European countries first. The Cupertino giant issued a statement announcing: “For the vast majority of customers who lack experience in repairing electronic devices; visiting a professional repair shop with expert technicians who use original Apple parts; It is still the best and most reliable solution for repairing defective devices.”

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